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Projects / Re: OP2 Mission Editor
« Last post by Vagabond on March 04, 2021, 06:05:28 PM »
Oh, funny I was just working on this in OP2Utility. Outpost 2 is capable of reading tilessts as 8 bit Windows bmps or a custom bmp-like format. The original game shipped with the custom format you are encountering. We had been shipping with the standard format pre GOG posting. Check Tileset.h in OP2Utility for how to load the custom format. I added after your original port of OP2Utility.
OutpostHD / [Bug][FIXED] Loading game fails on turn 1
« Last post by Kyrros on March 04, 2021, 03:41:31 PM »
Given the randomness of mine placement, I saved a few different 'turn 1' games to give myself some options to choose from.

All of them failed to reload with the following message:

Tried with both placed and unplaced SEED, both failed.  I can't tell if it's because it's 'turn 1' or because there's no actual SEED placed since it doesn't let you advance past turn 1 unless you place it  :P

Saves on turn 2 seem to load just fine.

[Also, how does one add in-line image attachments?  Also, where are games saved?]
OutpostHD / Re: OutpostHD v0.8.1 Released!
« Last post by Kyrros on March 04, 2021, 02:02:37 AM »

Haven't visited since before the new year, so I missed the initial 8.0 release (now I have two releases of content to playtest ;D ).  Just wanted to say 'Thank You' for your continued development of this project.
Projects / Re: OP2 Mission Editor
« Last post by TechCor on March 03, 2021, 06:40:26 PM »
The editor was built against the old OPU release. Seems to work fine on there.

I'm not clear on why GOG is different.

Logs say that well0000.bmp is found in the GOG directory.
2120 bytes are loaded.
The BMP library then tries to parse the BMP data, but immediately runs into an issue:
The first two bytes (header) does not match an expected BMP format:
Code: [Select]
Read: 16976
Expected: 19778
It then rejects parsing, and later code throws an exception when it tries to use the missing texture.

If I try to skip the header, it just fails later:

Code: [Select]
Unsupported image format: 524288
The GOG format must be different. Perhaps it is compressed and OPU was not? What was different about OPU?

I used the editor to extract well0000.bmp to a file and it can't be viewed (GOG version. OPU-OK). Further investigation shows that this file is stored in different .vol archives. OPU had it in art.vol at size 2102, while GOG has it in maps.vol at 2120. Both are marked as uncompressed. I'm not sure what is going on here.
Projects / Re: OP2 Mission Editor
« Last post by Vagabond on February 27, 2021, 08:05:35 PM »

I was trying to use your mission editor to import a map (v0.5.2). When I click import, the bottom of the window shows NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Then the top ribbon becomes unresponsive, I cannot flick on 'File', 'Edit', etc.

The rest of the editor remains responsive.

I'm using the GoG version of Outpost 2, and pointed to C:/games of gold/Outpost2 as the working directory for the mission editor.

The map works properly when used in Outpost 2, so I don't think it is being caused by a corrupt .map file. I tried a second map with same results.

Using Windows 10 64 bit.

News / Re: Outpost 2 1.4.0 community-supported update released
« Last post by Monarky2000 on February 27, 2021, 03:33:17 AM »
-Hey Guys! Its been a while since I posted here. Downloaded and played the Outpost 2 community patch. Noticed at the main menu you have my old picture there. I will post it down below. Its no problem. But I spent the time and made a new picture. Modeled a new ship put it in Photoshop. Its not the best work but thought if you want you could put this one at the main menu think its much better then my old one.

-Old pic

OutpostHD / OutpostHD v0.8.1 Released!
« Last post by leeor_net on February 18, 2021, 12:10:11 AM »
OutpostHD v0.8.1 is now officially ready for release!

Introduces biowaste produced by residential units and some quality of life improvements in the GUI.

The Recycling facility must be built into order to prevent biowaste accumulation in your residential units. Each Recycling Facility can handle the biowaste of up to ten residences. Not taking care of biowaste and allowing it to overflow will cause a very large hit to morale. Biowaste overflow will slowly be reduced after constructing a recycling facility.

What's New
  • Recycling Facility
  • Biowaste accumulation
  • GUI ToolTip's

What's Changed
  • StructureInspector window now dynamically resizes to accommodate contents
  • Middle mouse button and `shift + right mouse button` will now bring up Structure Inspector window regardless of structure type
  • Depleted food stores in the Command Center will be refilled each turn from the production of food producing facilities
  • Morale will take a take a hit whenever biowaste in residences overflows
  • Improve behavior of UI elements in full-screen Mine Operations UI

Bugs Fixed
  • Fix text overlap in Mine Operations Window
  • Fix crash when opening the Structure Inspector Window on any structure that employs Scientists
  • Fix crash when right-clicking a Robot Command Center
  • Fix a mistake that tallied food totals before population consumption which resulted in incorrect value displayed in the HUD
  • Fix Mine full-screen UI showing "no routes" when loading a game

Gimme Gimme! Where do I get it?

Full release including assets available now on Github:

Many thanks and much appreciate to those who have helped by posting suggestions and assisting with code development! Couldn't have done this without your efforts!
OutpostHD / Re: Colony dying
« Last post by leeor_net on February 17, 2021, 11:52:43 PM »
This may have been related to an issue I found while developing the 0.8.1 branch. Try updating the game and see if you still encounter this problem.
Graphics Update / Re: Splash Screen
« Last post by JetMech1999 on February 16, 2021, 09:56:23 AM »
It's funny where inspiration comes from.  Like the others, I can see the warp nacelles and the lightsabers, but it still makes for a great look.  Nice job!
News / Re: Outpost 2 OPU mod 1.4.x source code
« Last post by Arklon on February 15, 2021, 05:28:42 PM »
I'll get around to making a new mission template and example for TethysAPI soon. Obviously OPUPatch uses it extensively, but that's not going to be a good reference for coding missions. I did start adding Doxygen comments, mostly under the API folder, but I honestly haven't tried actually using Doxygen to generate docs from it yet.

The beauty of TethysAPI being header-only is you don't need to link any libs or anything at all. It's easier to integrate than the old SDK, just drop it in a folder called Tethys.
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