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Other Projects / Re: PyOutpost, A Python Port of Outpost 1
« Last post by leeor_net on June 14, 2021, 02:09:18 PM »
Looking forward to seeing this develop further.

I'd thought about making OPHD a clone of Outpost but opted to just make a better game. I'd really like to see an actual working clone of the original game though, could be interesting. :D
OutpostHD / Re: OutpostHD v0.8.3 Released!
« Last post by leeor_net on June 13, 2021, 01:11:55 PM »
Just noticed during some play testing that when you first start and drop down your Seed Lander, robots can't be placed until the Command Center is built and operational. This is a little silly and unintended -- it'll be corrected in the next update.

In the mean time, you can just progress your turns until the CC is built and drop your Cargo/Colonist landers. This stunts early development a bit but is a work around if you don't already have an established game.
This is a Python3 script for simply replacing tags in a template with user entered input


Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install python3-tk python3-pil python3-pil.imagetk

Here is an example of a template file using tags. The tags starting with `<` and closing with `>`:

Code: [Select]
The quick red <noun1>
jumped over the <noun2>.

Run the script with Python3
Code: [Select]
A window will open and from the file menue pick the template you want to use by click File --> Open and then selecting an appropriately formatted template. Everything between `<` and `>` will be give a label and a text input box. If the file contains html code this will cause it to recognize all tags, not just the ones you want to replace.

Here is an example of what will appear in the tkinter window from opening the above `template.txt`
* |noun1 | - - - |
* |noun2 | - - - |

If you fill the box like this:
* |noun1 | fox |
* |noun2 | dog |

And then click File --> Save and use the file dialog name our file `fox.txt` the output will to the file will be:

Code: [Select]
The quick red fox
jumped over the dog.

Check out the project on GitHub:

Computers & Programming General / Re: A Few Utilities and Potpourri - JGLS
« Last post by DrUbVettiaer on June 12, 2021, 01:14:26 PM »

Visualize the dates of your files with this amateur forensic tool.

JGLS(Jay-Glass) - Graph folders and files on a timeline using matplotlib and ls


Timeline for current directory
Code: [Select]

Timeline for other directory
Code: [Select]
./ /directory/you/want/turned/into/a/timeline

Check out the project on GitHub:

Introductions / Re: Hello my name is Jared
« Last post by DrUbVettiaer on June 12, 2021, 02:44:36 AM »
It is a direct link to the file, right click on it and click save as.
I don't use https so chrome will yell about it not being secure, what it mean is, from point to point the file is sent as plain text and a malicious person in between you and the server could SEE the contents of the request, I don't do eCommerce I don't need https,
Also text files don't really carry risk of virus, as they are never executed, sorry for your past bad luck with viruses. Scripts blockers have helped a lot for me.

Three people have been able to download it so far and run it, maybe it's a Chrome thing.
Computers & Programming General / A Few Utilities and Potpourri
« Last post by DrUbVettiaer on June 12, 2021, 02:28:17 AM »
Over time I have hit situations were I felt I needed to solve it with code, not sure that was actually the case, but the tool got wrote. I do actually use several of these. As for the potpourri, I dable in some digital art and wrote an automation to create pretty pictures, each unique, and automatically post them to twitter, to see the results of that you can check out my twitter

Point being, I want to share these tools, so I have started this thread, if anyone one wishes to share some of their tools here, please feel free to do so. And if you can think of a a better word than tools for the various short bits of software and scripts people create to allow their future self to be more lazy, please let me know.

JGPing (JSI Graphing Ping)

jgping allows you to easily graph your ping times on any platform, using Python and matplotlib

This script works just like the ping command but it displays a graph instead of just text output

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install python3 matplotlib
Code: [Select]
./   # graph the ping for a domain
./  # graph the ping for IP address
Check it out on GitHub:

Additional Note: I actually used JGPing today, not to solve, but to slowly watch a network issue gradually go away on it's own.
I think I tested this on Windows...
Introductions / Re: Hello my name is Jared
« Last post by lordpalandus on June 12, 2021, 02:16:04 AM »
Clicking on that link shows a bunch of python code, as if it is a text file read in Google Chrome.

Clicking on the link in your thread for PyOutpost, causes nothing to occur. I click open in new tab and it auto-closes.

Not sure how you expect people to test it out...


Right clicking and hitting "Save Link", causes it to "download", but Chrome is telling me that it couldn't be downloaded securely. Only time I've gotten that message is when it detects a virus in the download.

Introductions / Re: Hello my name is Jared
« Last post by DrUbVettiaer on June 11, 2021, 01:14:43 PM »
Well this is a dark day. I wrote a basic DRM system for Outpost 1, I need to collect all hashes for valid versions of Outpost binary.
Pretty sure I swore I would never write DRM, if I didn't I meant to. Anyways here it is. It can be used on any platform with post validation command.

Python DRM Rudiment

And a storm hit just as I am posting this...
The storm knocked out the power as I posted this, I am now running on battery backup.
Introductions / Re: Hello my name is Jared
« Last post by DrUbVettiaer on June 10, 2021, 10:26:28 PM »
I run my own git server, but currently am not using version control beyond copying the project folder to a new folder with an incremented name every now and then, hell I don't even use an IDE.

With it being in python, I avoid all issue associated with compiling, and pygame is actually usable now that they updated to SDL2.

When I release it, I may create an asset installer for downloading assets, and encourage users to own the game if they use it, haha, I could include basic DRM to prevent it from running if you don't have one of the valid outpost.exe files, sorry MAC users that bought the game. Wait, that would be easy to code, and would give some suggestion that the person actually owns the game... Haha I'll just encrypt all the assets using the CRC for outpost.exe. 1. pop open a file chooser dialog, 2. have the user navigate to location of outpost.exe, 3. scan the CRC of the file they choose, 4. check against a list, 5. and decrypt the assets if the CRC is valid. And the lack of the expectation of real security, like buying something online, I could do the "encryption" and "decryption" in very lazy ways. Just a thought... I just had...

As far as hosting and distributing it, I will host it on my website, and my git server. Microsoft buying github has not made feel more confident in the site(though I do have an account, and I already have the infrastructure to do it, so not a huge effort.

Thanks for your feedback on this, this has been a pretty lonely path prior to now.
Introductions / Re: Hello my name is Jared
« Last post by Hooman on June 10, 2021, 09:56:03 PM »
Well, GitHub is free for open source projects, and open to random individuals.

If you're concerned about copyright, you can split the source and assets into separate repositories. You can put the source on GitHub, which I assume you're largely responsible for, so is fair game to do whatever you want with it. For the assets, I suppose I should encourage people to respect copyrights. When other people are "borrowing" assets for open source projects, they'll often distribute the code or compiled packages separately from the assets. That way the part they wrote remains "clean", so to speak.

Actually, OPHD has the code and assets split into separate repositories. Though the assets were all completely redone by WhiteClaw specifically for OPHD, so no worries about copyright issues there.
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