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Outpost 2 Programming & Development / Re: dll creation.
« Last post by Sirbomber on March 23, 2023, 08:49:06 AM »
Yes it is, though there are a few ways to help make the process a little easier nowadays:
  • An updated mapper based on Unity that supposedly has some pretty advanced features, though I've personally never been able to get it to run.
  • A library you can add to your mission scripts to help with setting up disasters.
  • A mission (with both solo/multiplayer variants) that lets you use chat commands to spawn units, then export code you can add to your mission script to re-create that unit placement.
  • The old coding tutorials are still mostly relevant.
  • There's also a project to allow mission scripting to happen in Python instead of C++ but my understanding is that's not 100% ready just yet.
Outpost 2 Programming & Development / dll creation.
« Last post by Fire Plague on March 22, 2023, 06:47:31 PM »
last post in here was over 2 years ago. Is  .dll creating for custom colony games still a thing?
Forum Games / Re: The Bumpy Thread
« Last post by tigerstorms on February 13, 2023, 10:00:02 AM »
Welcome to Bump Town
Forum Games / Re: The Bumpy Thread
« Last post by leeor_net on February 05, 2023, 03:02:02 AM »
Forum Games / New Topic
« Last post by montech on January 26, 2023, 11:44:11 PM »
Hi I'm new here.
Outpost 1 & Outpost General / Re: Has anyone played Alien Legacy?
« Last post by leeor_net on January 15, 2023, 08:25:20 AM »

I kinda miss that 16-bit audio compression :D
Outpost 1 & Outpost General / Re: Has anyone played Alien Legacy?
« Last post by leeor_net on December 09, 2022, 05:44:21 PM »
Looks really familiar... I'mma have to check it out :D
Outpost 1 & Outpost General / Has anyone played Alien Legacy?
« Last post by PKDecatur on December 06, 2022, 09:27:20 PM »
Also published by Sierra On-Line in 1994, but developed by Ybarra Productions. Also a sci-fi space colony game. But more of a 4X type with ship exploration rather than a city sim in space.




OutpostHD / Re: Can't build anything because I run out of Common Metals...
« Last post by leeor_net on December 06, 2022, 04:19:58 PM »

Sorry about the delayed response. I tend to hang around in our Discord more than on the forums these days.

So first thing, the "Not Implemented" image is just a placeholder... kind of an inside joke from the original game. It's purely cosmetic.

The common metals thing is mostly a balancing issue (going to be rebalancing costs in the next release). In the mean time, there are a few things you need to do. Build a couple of extra trucks and assign them to your mine. If you land near two or three mines even better -- closer distances help out a lot in getting resources.

Hold off on building a second smelter until your old one is nearing its end of life (around 150 turns).

You'll need to build storage tanks for processed materials to be stored in. Your Command Center can only hold ~62 or so of each refined resource type so building a storage tanks is really necessary.

Once you have enough resource storage, you can bulldoze all of your landers (including SEED Lander) to get an extra boost in the beginning.

Making dirt roads and paved roads helps move along your resources a lot faster than if there are no roads.

As an aside, I've been developing with the balancing for 'hard' mode so it's pretty unforgiving at the moment (a bit too unforgiving). When difficulty is implemented the game will get a lot less hostile for easy and medium modes.

Hopefully this helps!
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