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Graphics Update / Re: Warehouse
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 12:04:48 PM »
The things we see when we look deep enough  :D
Graphics Update / Re: Icons
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 12:02:36 PM »
Very nice.
Graphics Update / Re: Vehicles
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 12:01:16 PM »
I like the vehicles.  Especially like the different colorations for each.  Personally, I like having the lights and the other elements in with the vehicle.  Makes it look like a construction site.  Even though they don't permanently reside on a tile, the additional elements still make the realism aspect of the site look really nice.
Graphics Update / Re: Storage Tank
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 11:34:16 AM »
Looks good.  After comparing it with the last set, I like this better.  The individual components stand out better.  Good job.
Graphics Update / Re: Seed Structures
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 11:25:34 AM »
I like it, I like it!
Graphics Update / Re: Support Structures
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 11:24:04 AM »
Shaft 01B definitely!  I like the yellow, and with it toned down a bit, kind of gives the look that surface dust has started to stick to the sides of the structure.  Enough color to distinguish it, but not overbearing.

Like the basic design of the Comm Tower, but gotta agree with Leeor that it does look fairly "meh".  Maybe a bit brighter with some small red flashing lights on the top and with each branch.  Maybe even add a bright color to make it stand out.
Graphics Update / Re: Science Structures
« Last post by JetMech1999 on Today at 11:15:05 AM »
The design with the blue lighting is definitely better.  I'm trying to picture a different shape for the Lab.  The original from Sierra just looks like four beach balls.  Honestly, White Claw's design improves on that, but it still has that "ball" feel to it.  I know that spheres and cylinders make for better space-based and low-atmospheric-pressure situations, but I think Leeor is on to something when he says it looks quite a bit like the original.  The problem is that I don't know what to suggest as an alternative. A tall rectangular box wouldn't look right.  Maybe a central cylinder with tube-like spokes radiating away from the core.  Unfortunately, that's the best I can come up with.  Brain's a bit fried after this past week.
Projects / Re: Cross Platform Outpost 2 Utility Library
« Last post by Hooman on Today at 07:09:17 AM »
Thank you Leeor. And a very big thank you to Brett for all the work he's put into it.

As of today, the project now compiles on Linux.

There might still be a few rough edges, as some of the changes still need to settle into the master branch, and a few warnings may need to be addressed.

I'm particularly excited about the Streams portion of it, as I've been thinking about that part for quite some time. Though I admit there is so much more that can be done there. There may be some API changes coming to address a few shortcomings recently encountered, but likely mostly in the form of additions or restrictions on bad usage to prevent accidental bugs. I doubt changes will break existing good code from a user perspective. No promises yet for people implementing derived classes though.

Using CMake could be cool. We've talked about using that here for a while now. This just might be the project that forces us to do it. I'm still a little apprehensive about having to learn it, though now is probably a good time.

Overall, this project has been a lot of fun. It's also been a great learning opportunity. Both about tooling, such as using GitHub, and about the additions from the newer C++ standards. The C++ language has really changed in recent years, and it's received a lot of much needed improvement.
Outpost 2 Update / Re: Updates for Outpost 2 1.3.8
« Last post by Hooman on June 22, 2018, 11:17:48 AM »
I kind of like that idea. I've thought previously the pre-game setup screens could use more details, or the ability for customization based on the level.

There's a lot to think about for such a modification though. We'd probably need input from a number of level designers to come up with a good plan for something like that.

This might also tie in with previous ideas about alternate map file formats, or the Python mission project.
Graphics Update / Re: Science Structures
« Last post by Hooman on June 22, 2018, 11:06:34 AM »
Original new. The original image posted in this thread. :P

I suppose I'm not very familiar with the original OP1 graphics.
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