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Op2 Events
« on: September 15, 2005, 03:26:52 PM »
I've been telling you guys (for months now) i'll be making a new event-system, that's going to work much better then the ol' OP2-one...

Well, i've already started, and it's progressing well.
I've put all documentation on the wiki, and it's being updated/modified and re-modified again along the way. I keep changing members/properties etc, so it's far from done.

I DO have to make it clear i've already created 2 events successfully. These are the most commonly used events: the TimerEvent (TimeTrigger) and the CountEvent (CountTrigger). I've tested them a lot already, and both seem to work correctly, without problems.

Once i'm done with recreating all standard events, i'll make the project public.

{ The project does have some other advantages that can be used when creating OP2 missions, but it also has a few restrictions/guidelines to follow. }
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