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Outpost The Movie
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I agree with IT, and Patriot's points on this matter (These ARE old posts.. lol)

IT2k wth ever his name is has a serious point, The money and time it takes to do these things just isn't there. We have SEVERAL commitiees and SEVERAL projects underway already. It'd be like if the President had an idea (Yes, this is hypothetical) to delegate EVERY one of his secretaries (Education, Defense, Labor, etc.) To their job, and they couldn't recruit anyone else. That's basically what we'll have in a short time. We'll have two hundred active members, sure, and a hundred and five separate (small, very small) projects being worked on by one - two people 'In their spare time'. Which for some of us, is one-three hours a day, or less. And if a solution to recieving a million + dollars within a small timespan ever occured to ANYONE, trust me, I'd be the first one to know about it (and I don't know of a way, correct me if I'm wrong) short of winning the lottery (and If I did, no offense, I wouldn't give a million to you guys to 'make a movie'.

I could compare Patriot's ideas, to trying to hang a light, just by setting it in the celing. (No screws, no brackets, no string, no telepathy) And HOPING and PRAYING that it stays up there... IMHO, the idea of any more projects until we get more members and/or win the lottery collectively, (Chances are 1 billion : less than one) assuming we all buy tickets (which some people can't, legally.)

I think i'm just rambling on and on cuz i got this highly cool new wireless keyboard and mouse set that's so cool to type on... and watch the words on my laptop like three feet away.

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