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« on: November 10, 2015, 08:50:41 AM »
Savant series computer activated.
Beginning alpha command level briefing.
For your eyes only.

Historical overview ========================================

After receiving a set of CD-ROMs by my dad, labelled "Best of Sierra", I was happy to see, that the contents of Disc 13 were actually playable on my kinda crappy computer these days - there are not that many mid-90-games that are running somewhat smooth on a Pentium-100/16 MB RAM, but Outpost 2 did, and it did very well. So I spend many hours of my childhood with playing this game, or, at least,... playing with the game, if you can call it like that.

Actually, I have played many games before and after, but Outpost 2 was challenging, in a special way, as it isn't the focus to raise an army and extinguish all the enemies as in many other RTS-Games of that time, like Age of Empires or Warcraft; neither it your mission to convoy a single "hero" unit through the game and story, even if Outpost did that in a few campaign missions. But the main objective was simply to survive against a hard environment - and, owed by the hard times, against the morale.

Therefore, I never got beyond the second campaign mission back then, both for plymouth and eden. It was too challenging for me, as I wasn't able to see through that morale concept (nowadays I do), but I still was interested. Lastly I stayed most time in the unit reference tutorials, as it was some way of a "endless game". But the interest kept up, and so I turned back many years after that.

Even if Outpost 2 isn't the very best RTS of all time - there are many flaws, like the pretty small tech tree (compared against e.g. Earth 2150) - but it is still one of the most sympathic ones. I liked the full approach how the game was presented - beginning from the art style, to the savant voice actress, and ending in the fact that there was even a novel.
If the universe of outpost is an option in how to live in the future, I would definitvely appreciate that.

But as Outpost isn't reality yet - some people would thank god for that - I have to stay most time in our reality, and earn my money by programming, as I am a software developer / engineer for a german software company, which is also quite satisfying.
That's also the reason my english might be a bit awkward; as I am not a native speaker and was lazy in the past, concerning learning and especially using that language. Well, bad excuses section is done;
I hope I am still welcome in here, therefore, I'll throw a gentle "Hello" in here - or was extinction already an option? :P :D
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Re: Hi!
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We try our best to uphold the "Extinction is not an option" motto around here :)
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Re: Hi!
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Cool. More people showing up. Welcome aboard.
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Re: Hi!
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Welcome to OPU!

We've got a lot going on around here behind the scenes... we're not too vocal lately because most of us are busy with work and real life but we're all still here!

Got a few projects you may be interested in... going to do the shameless plug here: OutpostHD, an Outpost remake is in the works and in full swing. If you were interested in the first game this project may interest you. You can find the introduction thread under Main Projects.

Beyond my own personal projects, we're also working on the Outpost 2 Mission SDK. Way back when we'd released some code that allowed people to build and develop their own mission DLL's. We're in the process of modernizing it now and with the release of SDK 2.1 we now have a Visual Studio 2015 project file.

Go ahead and check out the forums! It's been a little slow the last few years but since October things have picked up some and we're working to make things more accessible.

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Re: Hi!
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Thanks for your all welcome greetings :)

I already took an overview look about whats being done here - OutpostHD really looks promising, but as I am primarily a linux user AND I am not really impressed by the predecessor of Outpost II (gameplay-wise), I might have to disappoint you - sorry.

Also, I am a programmer - not a game designer; therefore, my interests aren't that big in "making maps and missions for XY", even if Outpost 2 is architecture-wise very interesting. I'd took already an overview over the SDK, but its unlikely that I am going to create missions (or use visual studio  :o ;D)

BUT. Currently I am really working on something outpost-esque and have high hopes to find the answers for my questions in this community :)
(But probably, this isn't the right place for such questions; when the time has come, I'll open up a topic for my questions regarding Outpost 2 internals)
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Re: Hi!
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Nice introduction.

Always good when programmers drop by. :)

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Re: Hi!
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Welcome on Outpost Universe ! I liked your introduction, too !

Have nice time here !
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