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Sierra Extractor And Yet Another Op1 Remake
« on: December 28, 2012, 03:45:01 PM »
Good news everyone! as a prelude to my off an on project for the past year and a half that i haven't announced until now. im working on an outpost 1 remake capable of being run on windows xp+ natively. (i may shift gears to multi platform but i only have a windows machine. anyway i also saw people complaining about being unable to run the setup program so i made the file available here


the extractor could theoretically work on other sierra games but i have only tested it on the outpost 1 files. to perform an 'install' with this, you have to select the RESOURCE.000 file and then the output folder. then you have to change the outpost.ini file to have a line similar to this

Code: [Select]



as for the remake im working on. i have been disassembling the original executable and rebuilding structures/classes slowly but steadily and am nearly done. only the ui portions are missing. then begins 'bug checking'. At the moment it is .NET making it windows only, but given time i can re port it to lua.

random game engine facts:

red light districts pump out an extra baby per turn in addition to the roughly 10% of population / 20 turns. if they have 'consumer goods' available (wax lips, ect).

alien plague virus's can only happen once every 123 turns and have a 5/100 chance of occurring in each colony. afterwards 5 people per alien virus cure are inoculated for the duration of the virus. the virus will 'tick' every 123 turns as before, killing 1/20 then 2/20 then 3/20 of your population, until the final turn (20/20) where the plague ran its course. so yes you must have some antivirus on hand or your colony will be wiped out. once that is over, inoculations are reset. if you have a medical clinic, the virus runs its course in 40 cycles instead of 20

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