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Tournament Rules
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- Ladder style (Were each won match gives 1 point) rather than fixed matches leading up to finals. We have tried this before and it is always a problem to get matches underway because people have real lives and live in different time zones.
A ladder style tourney would solve this (and other problems) by letting people play when they wish.
Another feature of this is that less experienced players can climb on the rankings by playing more matches.

-  Use the normal chat channel. Simply because the main channel sees more activity.

- As a report system I would suggest (though I don't know if it is possible), that we get an own subforum. This way, when one would like to report a match, you create a new topic, with the topic name stating who played against who. Included in the first post one repeats who played against who, the map that was played on and the AM (Possibly BM) involved - and of course who won the game.
Further in the topic one could then post a summary of the match, pictures and have discussions etc..
(Might be an idea to lock each topic after 24-48 hours?)

I wanted to split it into two parts, as to not force you to read a wall of text.  See, I can be nice... when I want to.


Preferably we should interfere as little as possible with people's playing styles.

- Leave the decision of the Map and Mark up to the players involved. The most important thing here would of course that all parties agree before game start. A general guideline that could come in handy and one I usually use, is to let the least experienced player set the pace of the game (within sensible bounds) - thus allowing them to decide AM.

A few other rules which could be considered:
- Only 1 spaceport per Plymouth player in LoS.
- Don't Destroy/Attack Walls or Tubes before AM is up.
- Don't block ore locations/areas you will not use yourself just to limit your opponent.
- Don't enter opponents base area before AM.
- No barricading your enemy's in.

Thanks for all of your input, Highlander's mostly.

There will be no further changes to these  rules until next year, if applicable.

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