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New Colony Games
« on: July 23, 2009, 08:38:11 PM »
Hello. I am making a colony game for both Eden and Plymouth (there will be no difference just the faction will be). The game is on the 6 player map Axen's Home Volcanoes (map included if you do not have it). The goal is to get 2000 colonists, 400,000 common metals, and 200,000 rare metals. You start off with units and no structures, similar to multiplayer Land Rush. This is what I have so far. I have all the disasters working, including the volcanoes. There is a simple AI that builds a base and researches and expands their base. Please test them and post feedback.

The ce2000u.dll is the Eden version and the cp2000u.dll is the Plymouth version. The Plymouth version has a Plymouth AI instead of an Eden AI, for now.

I will keep updating the game so if you are interested, please keep checking back.

Updated: 06:00 EST 7/31/09
NEW: Vehicle Factory problem was fixed.

Note on This version of axenvolcanoes has had cells modified because the lava would glitch the tiles. You can use the original axenvolcanoes map, but the lava edges will look a bit messed up. I am still editing them, they are not done.

Note: The full code has been post on SVN: svn:// Colony Games/
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