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5P, SRV, Research & Development
« on: September 17, 2020, 12:18:56 PM »
It's time for another Survivor map... but this one's a little different from what you might be expecting!  After all, adding Blight to a multiplayer map is so last decade!  So this time I've created a new threat, one nobody has ever seen before.  First, some good news: I've written an AI that any mission developer can easily add to his or her mission with only a few lines of code!  Sadly, this AI is rogue, and all it does is randomly spawn invincible ConVecs around the map, which then build clusters of Advanced Labs, which then explode in a glorious chain reaction.  This, of course, is awesome, unless your base gets caught in the explosion, and then it's hilarious!

Source code (for the AI and for the sample mission) as well as the compiled DLL are available on GitHub.  Have fun!
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