Author Topic: Regarding OP2's presence on GOG  (Read 551 times)

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Regarding OP2's presence on GOG
« on: May 29, 2020, 01:57:09 PM »
As some have already discovered, Activision has officially released an updated version of Outpost 2 on GOG. The link is here: - it appears to be $5.99 USD at time of writing.

Effective immediately, in order to comply with the updated license agreement for the GOG version, we are ceasing distribution of the community updates for OP2 (and OP1 as well, to be on the safe side) until we can figure out a way to make these compliant with the licensing for the official, updated GOG version. Our community patched version does contain new missions that are not found in the GOG version, as well as various bugfixes and improvements to make the game run better on modern versions of Windows. In particular, the issue with the community version is that it contains modified versions of the original game files which we are technically not supposed to re-distribute per the current EULA. Regrettably this also means that the Mac version is no longer available as well, but you may have some success using WineBottler and the Windows version of GOG to download, install, and play the GOG release of the game (note: not tested by us).

Unfortunately, the GOG version does not support internet play (only LAN play via an IPX emulator), forces the game to run in a low, fullscreeen resolution, and does not contain any new missions, bugfixes, or content. The good news is that Arklon and I have been working on an update to the community patch that we believe will be compliant with the license agreement and compatible with the GOG version (that is, does not require modifications any of the original game files) - stay tuned for further updates.