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Mission Scanner
« on: December 28, 2019, 06:53:09 PM »
MissionScanner is a cross-platform console application to inspect exported members of Outpost 2 mission dlls. It allows quick review of details such as which map, how many players, and which tech tree a specific mission is built for.

Version 1.0.0 of the Mission Scanner is now available for download. You may find it at

This is actually a reimplemenation of a MissionScanner GUI designed years ago with Visual Basic and designed by BlackBox (I think). Details on the original Mission Scanner can be found here

A Windows x86 and x64 compilation are available for download. The PDB files should only be downloaded for debugging purposes by an advanced user. The code compiles with both gcc and clang for use on Linux although a precompiled executable is not maintained for Linux. The application was designed using C++17.

I wrote the bulk of the code to inspect the mission DLLs and pull relevant exported information. Hooman provided some vital technical support and tweaked the output to be more console friendly. The original Mission Scanner provided inspiration for the work, but I did not inspect its source code for the creation of this application. Feel free to open pull requests on GitHub for changes or wholesale copy portions for your own projects.

Please post on the GitHub site or here if you encounter any bugs or want to see any new features.


Outpost 2 Mission Scanner

Developed by Brett208 (Vagabond) and Hooman

A console application to review the publicly exported information contained in Outpost 2 mission DLLs. Written using C++17 features. Tested on Windows and Linux. Windows project files compile using MSVC with Visual Studio 2017. A Linux makefile is also included. MissionScanner fully supports x86 and x64 compilation. For more information on Outpost 2, visit

MissionScanner (archivename.(vol|clm) | directory)... [-L]
Optional Arguments

    -H / --Help / -?: Displays help information
    -L / --Legend: Remove legend

Example Commands

MissionScanner C:/Outpost2
MissionScanner e01.dll e02.dll --Legend
MissionScanner Outpost2/ -L

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