Author Topic: Outpost 2 version 1.3.8 released  (Read 5557 times)

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Outpost 2 version 1.3.8 released
« on: August 28, 2019, 05:15:27 PM »
Outpost 2 version 1.3.8 is live! You can download it from

The game should support any modern version of Windows and Wine on Linux. If you discover any bugs please post details in the forums so we can fix them!

This release improves NetHelper, adds a new mission, fixes several bugs in existing missions, and fixes the annoying error when a space is contained in a directory name. See change log below for more details.

If you use the OP2Mapper, see instructions below the change log to get it working.

Outpost 2 Version 1.3.8 Changelog:

New Multiplayer Mission
   * Yukon Trail (4P, RR), Brett208

Updates to existing Missions
   * Evacuation Under Fire updated to Version 1.0.1
      - Move HFLInit from InitProc to DLLMain, allowing HFL initialization when loading a saved game
   * On the Run updated to Version 1.0.2
      - Fix bug when an initial vehicle is destroyed that prevents resolving the patch all vehicles victory condition.
   * Rescue Escort updated to Version 1.1.1
      - Improved source code readability and cross platform compatibility for compiling.
   * Rising From the Ashes updated to version 1.0.7
      - Stop player from being able to build lava walls (Tech file update)
      - Move HFLInit from InitProc to DLLMain, allowing HFL initialization when loading a saved game

Updated NetHelper to version 1.5.3
   - Updated to newer versions of libnatpmp and miniupnp.
   - Reduce cleanup/destruction on application closing from 3 mins to 8 secs.
   - Removed dependencies on msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll by statically compiling.
   - Removed use of deprecated POSIX networking functions.

Updated op2ext to version 2.2.0 (Version 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 changes listed below)
   - Allow passing module directories with the /loadmod switch when the directory contains multiple spaces in a row ("  ")
   - Allow modules to detect which ini and console modules have been loaded via op2ext. (See op2ext.h for new function declarations). May be called from external modules written in C or C++.
   - Ensure the log file is always created in the game directory. Earlier, the log file was created in the working environment, which could differ from the game directory, such as when attaching a debugger.
   - If a module fails to load, provide more details to the user
   - Fix bug in GetGameDir_s that may throw an exception if a buffer length of 0 is passed in as an argument
   - Fix bug in Console Mod Loader that separated the executable's path into multiple arguments when a space was included.
   - Add message logger usable by op2ext and external modules.
   - Deprecate GetCurrentModDir due to improper memory management across DLL boundaries.
   - Add external API function GetConsoleModDir_s to replace deprecated GetCurrentModDir.
   - Mark the argument volName from function AddVolToList as constant (const). This allows passing constant values into the function.
   - Lift the 31 volume file load restriction. Outpost 2 can now load an unlimited number of volumes.

OP2 Mapper Compatibility

When using the OP2Mapper with Outpost 2 version 1.3.7 or later, you will notice the following two issues:

1. A fatal error is reporting on opening the mapper because the file OP2_ART cannot be read. Additionally maps cannot be opened without crashing the program. This is caused by relocating the file OP2_ART to art.vol. OP2Mapper can find the file properly using the steps below.

2. When opening maps, the 1 pixel per tile minimap will be readable, but the colors will be off. Saving the minimap to disk will suffer the same color problem. This problem is caused by updating the WELL files to use a standardized bitmap encoding instead of the Outpost 2 specific encoding. This problem is currently not fixable, but the mapper still functions with the visual artifact. I feel like the tradeoff is worth it, because now you can open and edit the WELL files with any image editor and change the in game tiles. Also, future programmers can access the WELL files without worrying about the custom bitmap implementation.

Make OP2Mapper.exe work with Outpost 2 version 1.3.7 or later:

    Open OP2Mapper.exe
    Click View -> Options
    Locate the art.vol file from your Outpost 2 version 1.3.7 or later version
    Click the + sign next to 'List of additional VOLs to look at when locating files:'
    Add the absolute path to art.vol and press okay.
    Restart OP2Mapper and enjoy!

Thanks for everyone's help getting this version released!


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Re: Outpost 2 version 1.3.8 released
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2020, 11:01:13 PM »
Year long necro, I know, but, my question is this:

If we bought the game on GOG, how would we update it to this patch... if that is even possible anymore?
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Re: Outpost 2 version 1.3.8 released
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2020, 05:51:46 AM »
You can't. 1.4.0 will be out soon and will support the GOG version. We'll see if we can get it out this weekend.