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Sub-surface Tile Window
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:07:32 PM »
A user on YouTube offered the following suggestion:

Nice, consolidating all the structures into a single control panel would make building a giant colony a lot less confusing. I wonder, how hard would it be to implement a "sub-window mode" that would follow the main camera, but look at different underground levels, so you could see where everything was in relation to each other. Something like that would make colony planing a lot simpler.

Followed up with:

when i say main camera I'm talking about the the colony-view (ie: 0:12 )where you see all the buildings, tubes and roads. the sub-window, when opened would show the exact same 5x5 tiles that are in the center of the main view, but at different height levels.

ie: while playing, you focus the main view on the command center, which puts it right in the center of the screen, then you click a button and bring up a window that shows one of the underground levels, specifically, you can see the 5x5 tiles that are directly under CC.

It's an interesting thought. Implementing it would be fairly simple. It's something I'd focus on for a later release but it does make me wonder if this could be implemented by doing this in the main map view and drawing the current level tiles partially transparent on top of the layer underneath. Could even do this for digger/miner robots to get an idea if there's obstructions and make it an automatic thing for these kinds of structures/robots.