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Reference: Outpost 2 Tech Tree - Multiplayer - multitek.txt
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Multiplayer Tech Tree

Full file (multitek.txt) is attached at the bottom of this post. It's too large to paste all of it here.

Abbreviated sample:
Code: [Select]
; Outpost 2: Divided Destiny
; Research : Multiplayer Game

; Group I:  No predecessors

BEGIN_TECH "Cybernetic Teleoperation" 03401
    CATEGORY        4
    DESCRIPTION     "Structure Factories may now produce Robot Command Center and Vehicle Factory structure kits.  _______________________________________ Our research has resulted in a specialized variant of the Command Center, with dedicated computers and communications capabilities.  In addition, all vehicle designs now include the less expensive Noesis computer, utilizing elements of the Savant technology.  This transfers much of the computing burden from the Robot Command Center to the vehicle itself."
    TEASER          "Allows production of Robot Command Center and Vehicle Factory structure kits at the Structure Factory.  _______________________________________ Prior to the evacuation from our original colony site, Workers remotely operated our vehicles using a technology called Teleoperation.  Since the catastrophe, we no longer have enough Workers to Teleoperate our vehicles.  The Savant computers at the Command Center have taken on part of this burden, but the job is taxing their capacity.  We need a specialized computer vehicle control system.  This Cybernetic Teleoperation project should allows us to operate a much larger number of vehicles."
    EDEN_COST       800
    PLYMOUTH_COST   1000
    LAB             2

BEGIN_TECH "Emergency Response Systems" 03301
    CATEGORY        11
    DESCRIPTION     "Structure Factories may now produce DIRT structure kits.  _______________________________________ Disaster Instant Response Teams (DIRTs) can reduce damage to structures.  Once the DIRT structure has been deployed, DIRT members trained in emergency medical care and structural reinforcement will be on the scene in a matter of seconds."
    TEASER          "Allows production of DIRT structure kits at the Structure Factory.  _______________________________________ Given the new dangers confronting our colony, we need more protection against disaster than our emergency shelters are able to provide. This project will develop new methods, tools, and techniques to respond to structural damage."
    COST            1000
    LAB             2

BEGIN_TECH "Environmental Psychology" 03406
    CATEGORY        9
    DESCRIPTION     "Residence capacity increased.  _______________________________________ Our expanded knowledge of the causes and effects of crowding and environmental and situational stressors has enabled us to redesign our Residences.  We can now house more people in the same space, while improving Morale."
    TEASER          "Increases Residence capacity.  _______________________________________ Environmental Psychology studies the relationships between human behaviors and the environments in which they occur.  The forced evacuation of our old colony site has increased the stress on our Colonists; additional research in this field may help us to create a more supportive environment and improve Morale."
    IMPROVE_DESC    "Increased Colonist capacity"
    EDEN_COST       1500
    LAB             2
    UNIT_PROP RESIDENCE Production_Capacity 35

; ... (snip, cut due to post length limit)

    CATEGORY        0
    COST            -1

; Unavailable Technologies
; 02106 Basic Laboratory                       Campaign games only
; 03607 Evacuation Transport                   Campaign games only
; 08401 Microbe Wall                           Eden Campaign game only
; 12499 Children's Module      Campaign games only

; Garbage so checksum matches original:=vF

Attached below.
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