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Outpost emulated reccomendation
« on: January 17, 2018, 08:47:33 AM »
Thanks for hosting Outpost (original) as a preconfigured emulated download.  I made a few modifications that I thought others might appreciate.  These modifications will allow you to avoid the win 3.11 and DosBox interfaces entirely.

Windows 3.11:
Edit win\system.ini and change shell=progman.exe to shell=C:\SIERRA\OUTPOST\OUTPOST.EXE
For this to work, you'll also need to copy the outpost.ini file into the win folder.  It is located in c:\sierra\outpost
This way, Windows 3.11 will not launch progman, and instead, directly call outpost.  When outpost is complete, it will automagically exit Windows 3.11

create an outpost.bat and place it in the win folder.  It will simply contain the two below lines.
and in the .config file you're using (high or low), replace the last line "win" with "outpost".  This way, when windows automatically exits, DosBox will automatically exit as well.  Not sure why you can't just drop this "exit" command in the autoexec segment of the dosbox config file...but placing it in a bat and calling the bat from the config works just fine!

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Re: Outpost emulated reccomendation
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2018, 11:27:29 AM »
I'd considered doing exactly that but wanted to leave in some of the nostalgia factor when I did it. Plus, by leaving Windows alone it allows users to use the same configuration for other Windows 3.11 games should they be interested.

BUT, this isn't written in stone. If others would prefer something that works as you suggested than I'm perfectly happy to modify it

Thanks for the suggestion!