Author Topic: OutpostHD v0.6.6 Released!  (Read 2209 times)

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OutpostHD v0.6.6 Released!
« on: July 27, 2016, 01:02:44 AM »
OutpostHD v0.6.6 is now officially ready for release!

What's New

This release marks a change in the source code licensing (switched from GPL to BSD 3-Clause).

This is another interim release fixing a few mistakes in the code and adding a the Surface Factory and Smelter structures (submitted by forum user Goof, many thanks!)

  • Surface Factory: Pretty much just like the SEED Factory except it lasts a LOT longer.
  • Smelter: A little more durable, able to store more and process resources a little faster than the original SEED Smelter.

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed a mistake in the game save code that would skip saving tile states on the lowest possible underground level.
  • Fixed a mistake in load logic that would force airshafts on subsurface levels to the surface animation state.

Gimme Gimme! Where do I get it?

Head over to the main thread and look for the 'Current Build' section.