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Repair and Maintenance Building / Teams
« on: June 24, 2016, 03:35:29 PM »
Outpost 1's manual mentioned that the command center is where the maintenance teams are housed... whatever. I'm not sure that makes sense except at the very beginning of the game before additional structures difficulty would determine how many teams you get to start with.

Anyway, it's been suggested that the DIRT Facility be converted into a Maintenance Facility instead. Which I agree with -- the DIRT didn't seem to do much in OP1. If it did, I never saw it. Which is fine, but the DIRT in OutpostHD I think should behave differently.

We briefly touched on it in the Building Maintenance topic but I want to flesh it out here.

The Maintenance Facility can act as a specialized sort of factory, where it takes in a number of resources per turn, probably based on the number of structures and their type, to be used to manufacture specialized parts for individual structures that require it. For example, the Hot Lab will need to occasionally replace its internal containment walls for whatever dangerous experiments they conduct. Seeing as this is a specialized part and not something that would be built for general building repair, this is where the maintenance team comes in.

While the facility doesn't need to necessarily produce some sort of storable output in terms of the simulation model, it can consume some amount of raw resources to indicate that it is fabricating specialized parts for the buildings in question.

Generally speaking this would translate to a low maintenance cost in the beginning of the game but would ramp up as the game progresses. Keeping colony structures maintained is crucial to keeping the colony operating.

I'm also thinking that a maintenance facility starts off with one maintenance crew. The player can 'build' or 'train' additional crews (which will increase its population requirement). Don't know if this should require resources but certainly time (off the top of my head 10 turns).

Finally, the general idea is that a Maintenance Crew would take one turn to perform maintenance on a structure which resets its internal maintenance counter and 2 turns to repair a structure that is 'broken down'. Destroyed structures must be rebuilt.