Author Topic: OutpostHD v0.5.0 Released  (Read 1930 times)

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OutpostHD v0.5.0 Released
« on: November 25, 2015, 12:34:48 AM »
OutpostHD v0.5.0 is now officially ready for release!

What's New

Factory Production!

It's sort of crude but it works pretty well. You're now able to produce any of the three main robots: Diggers, Dozers and Miners. These will subtract from your resource pool.

UI Redesign!

It was time to start making the interface less crude and make use of the large UI bar along the bottom and the space available along the top. All of your main resources are now displayed across the top. These are your refined resources, not your ore's. Ore's will be accessible through the Mine and Smelter interfaces to let you know who's got what and where. That's for v0.6.0.

I also built the 'IconView' UI Control that lets you visually select a structure/robot/whatever from a grid of icons. Screenshots show it in use for robot selection and placement, structure placement and factory production.

New Graphics!

One of the goals of OutpostHD was to provide new visuals. The planets from the original game only offered 16 frames of animation... way too rough for a modern engine. I took the time to figure out how to use Blender enough to render brand new planet visuals, now with 64 frames of animation. In addition to the three types visible in the current planet selection screen, there are several others that you can check out in the data files that are in the download.

Gimme Gimme! Where do I get it?

Head over to the main thread and look for the 'Current Build' section.

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Re: OutpostHD v0.5.0 Released
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2015, 07:15:56 AM »
Sounds like you've made some really good progress.