Author Topic: Battle Report 11/6/11 Arachnid Fail  (Read 1993 times)

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Battle Report 11/6/11 Arachnid Fail
« on: November 07, 2011, 12:15:32 AM »
Demon wizard, Buddah, and I did a special match.

Emp, Arachnids, and Starflare only weapons allowed.

Ive got screenshots, but coppermine hates me, ill give them to someone else to upload if they want.

Basically it went, Demon wizard owned me with a push to my front, and about an hour later buddah did the same to demon wizard.

Demon had a good starflare push on buddah that almost killed him about 10 minutes from the end.

(17:29) Zhall: 324 units built

We had some ideas for other special game types.

From the xxmp

(18:04) Zhall: stickyfoam + scout self destruct
(18:04) Demon-Wizard: lol
(18:04) Zhall: supernova tiger
(18:04) Zhall: only
(18:04) Zhall: rofl
(18:04) Demon-Wizard: lol
(18:04) Zhall: that would actually be interesting
(18:27) Zhall: gaurd post war
(18:28) Demon-Wizard: gp war sucks trust me
(18:28) Zhall: i know lol
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(18:29) Zhall: tube cutting war
(18:29) Zhall: advanced lab bombing
(18:30) Demon-Wizard: lol
(18:30) Demon-Wizard: sp war
(18:30) Demon-Wizard: with scouts to self destruct
(18:30) Zhall: lol
(18:30) Zhall: sp?
(18:30) Demon-Wizard: space port
(18:30) Zhall: ;p;
(18:30) Zhall: lol
(18:30) Zhall: as edem
(18:30) Zhall: eden*
(18:31) Demon-Wizard: haha yea
(18:31) Zhall: WE HAVE RLVS
(18:31) Zhall:
(18:31) Zhall: were gonna get all campaign finish like
(18:32) Zhall: transfer and demolish war
(18:32) Zhall: can u even do that?
(18:33) Zhall: transfer build structures to the point where their agridomes get unpowered war
(18:33) Demon-Wizard: lol
(18:34) Zhall: wall in ore mine war
(18:35) Demon-Wizard: know what would be funny
(18:35) Zhall: ?
(18:35) Demon-Wizard: "capture the ore mine"
(18:35) Demon-Wizard: lol
(18:35) Zhall: hmm
(18:35) Zhall: that actaully
(18:35) Zhall: seems like a good idea
(18:35) Zhall: lol
(18:36) Demon-Wizard: capture the gorf
(18:37) Zhall: capture the evac transport
(18:37) Zhall: with a spider
(18:38) Demon-Wizard: i thought of an idea
(18:38) Zhall: shoot
(18:38) Demon-Wizard: a campain where you have to steal plymouth tech as eden
(18:38) Demon-Wizard: like u are eden and have to steal ply emp missle tech
(18:38) Demon-Wizard: and you have emp missles as eden
(18:39) Zhall: y would u do that tho lol
(18:39) Demon-Wizard: to be invincable
(18:39) Zhall: i like the rare is rubble only idea
(18:42) Zhall: or instead of starting with a small force in lr
(18:42) Zhall: start with emp and spiders
(18:42) Zhall: and capture a cc and sf
(18:43) Demon-Wizard: that sounds cool
(18:44) Zhall: or a los start without tubes
(18:44) Zhall: u have to capture a earth worker
(18:45) Zhall: only so many possibilities
(18:45) Zhall: until it turns into
(18:45) Zhall: start with emp and spiders
(18:46) Zhall: or start with emp and spiders... with their lights off!! o.O
(18:46) Demon-Wizard: how about a campain where 1 player has to transfer units
(18:46) Demon-Wizard: and the other has to protect
(18:47) Zhall: so like transfer metal
(18:47) Zhall: to someone who cant make smelters
(18:47) Zhall: from someone who cant get combat units
(18:47) Demon-Wizard: yeah
(18:47) Demon-Wizard: something like that
(18:47) Zhall: transfering metal is painful
(18:47) Demon-Wizard: where team work is king
(18:49) Zhall: a game where you have to transfer food
(18:49) Zhall: lol
(18:49) Zhall: or your only metal supply is space ship components
(18:49) Zhall: u have to put into a gorf
(18:53) Demon-Wizard: lol nice
(18:54) Demon-Wizard: or how bout a game where you have to stop a rush with gps
(18:54) Demon-Wizard: and you have to strategically put the gps
(18:55) Zhall: tower defense?
(18:55) Zhall: lol
(18:55) Demon-Wizard: you start with a ton of ore, you start with a space port
(18:56) Demon-Wizard: you can build power lines and walls
(18:56) Demon-Wizard: and gps
(18:56) Zhall: power lines?
(18:56) Demon-Wizard: and a system for increasing ore production at the cost of something
(18:56) Zhall: tubes
(18:56) Zhall: lol
(18:56) Demon-Wizard: tubes
(18:56) Zhall: or
(18:56) Zhall: a game where you have to cover the whole map with light towers
(18:57) Zhall: before mark 2000
(18:57) Zhall: or insta blight
(18:57) Zhall: rapes
(18:57) Demon-Wizard: lol omg....
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(18:58) Demon-Wizard: what about something like this.... you start with a base that is surrounded with advanced labs that will start to degrade and eventually blow up at a certain mark unless you somehow save your base
(18:59) Zhall: unless u build enough lava wall?
(18:59) Demon-Wizard: yeah or blight wall
(18:59) Demon-Wizard: or bull doze enough area
(18:59) Zhall: lollllllllllllll
(19:00) Zhall: make it so you have to remote harvest rare
(19:00) Zhall: from the other side of a maze
(19:00) Zhall: so u have to have like 200 cargo trucks on the route
(19:00) Demon-Wizard: and there are sticky towers that you have to time it to get past?
(19:01) Zhall: lol?
(19:01) Zhall: wasnt monopoly made
(19:01) Zhall: for op2?
(19:01) Demon-Wizard: i heard about that
(19:01) Demon-Wizard: dude
(19:01) Zhall: modding op2 is like stabbing urself repeatedly
(19:01) Demon-Wizard: what about a scenario where you have to get past an esg field
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Battle Report 11/6/11 Arachnid Fail
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 11:10:12 AM »
I approve,

 its a new way to use some of the less popular vehicles like spiders and scorpions... it will also make it more interesting.

nice thinking i wish i could of thought of this... however i wont be on cuzz im too lazy to reinstall op2 to my new computer.
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Battle Report 11/6/11 Arachnid Fail
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2011, 01:48:04 PM »
Download and extract.  If you're too lazy to do that, you should be dead since you're also too lazy to eat or breathe.

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Battle Report 11/6/11 Arachnid Fail
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2011, 11:34:22 PM »
I know, that was the point
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