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Battlereport 13.10 (#2)
« on: October 13, 2011, 02:12:48 AM »
In the 2nd reported match of the day, Spike and Demon-Wizard decided on a 1 vs 1 showdown. (Persuaded by yours truly for some testing purposes)

At the start, both players were playing it safe, by controling their own bases and building/teching up. As an unfortunate turn of chance, Spike recieved a somewhat worse placing of his base (I blame Dynamix), and this led to Spike being a step behind DW from the start.

As the two players were massing up Micro's, DW produced his EMP ahead of schedule and decided it was time to expand.

As DW was piling up his army outside Spike's base entrance, Spike decided throw all in and went for a breakout against a larger army, and lacking EMP backup, which DW had. The resulting carnage left Spike open for revenge, which DW decided to promptly hand out.

And while Spike put up a good show of defence, the Red armade proved to be too much to handle. And while EMP's were disabling Spike's Vec Fac's Microwaves were targeting vital connecting structures, effectively ending the game.

As the graph show, the turning point came at the massive loss of units when Spike boldly went for a breakout and from which he never recovered.

Compliments to Spike for the last defensive efforts and good tech'ing efforts by DW!
(I promise I was not that boring)
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Battlereport 13.10 (#2)
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lol gg  :D  
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