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Creating Tilesets 101
« on: February 05, 2011, 01:19:23 PM »
Ok so im using "GIMP" as my tileset image editor, and i have my images 32x32 bit becuase thats how big a tile is.
anyways i saved my new images all in one folder so i can easily find em, but when i create a new vol archive and place the images in one bye one, it feels good so far, though when i save the vol file it gives the following mapper error:

Non-fatal error in VolManager::SaveVol: VOL Save failed

Err = (-2147467259) Format error. 'VOL ' tag not found.
GetLastError = 0, Erl = 0

OS Version: NT 5.1 Service Pack 2

Can sombody plz help me fix this? though i dont want to rely on others to compile the images into tiles, unless it my only option, if anyone can do that that would be great. I did however not follow one major step in the wiki becuase i don't know how to do this with gimp yet, if somebody could help me with the following intruction plz:

After you've created all the vertical bitmap files, convert them to 8 bit palettized color using your image editor. Save them as normal windows bitmaps.

If you want the images so you can complete the following quote above, heres the file location for my images that are 32x32 each in green:

but id prefer to learn how to do it myself, thanks.

it seems i figured it out, now i just need to somehow fix this eyesore of a bug in the mapper's minimap, it seems to be all black when i place the new tiles in, can sombody help me with this? it looks too sloppy like this.
I have reason to beleive i misfollowed this step:

The tilesets.ctl File

Can somebody help me place this following guide into the wiki, its good resource:

How to set up/convert bitmap files into 8bit palettized color using GIMP:
1)Open gimp and using your image by right clicking the image.
2)If your not using RGB color format when its opened, then copy your image by right clicking it within your gimp interface.
3)click the top tab: file > new > advanced options > Color Space (drop down) toggle RGB, then create.
4)paste your copied image into the new frame box (make sure your frame box has the same dimensions as your image pasted).
5)Toggle the top bar > color > Posterize... > set scale to 8 > proceed.

(note always set to scale 8 after making changes to an image before adding it to op2 mapper, even the slightest change can cancel the effects of the scale.)

6)to save: file > save as > toggle "all images" near bottom right (drop down) > select "Windows BMP image (*.bmp)" then save in desired folder. (preferably your outpost2 directory to make things easier when implementing this new bmp file to your mapper.)

It now seems i fixed the problem with the minimap, how? By using paint save as with 256 color option. Thanks to the kind people on IRC the mapping continues! Hooray!

So what is yet to come from my tilesets:
Metalic pavements/platforms.
A new outcaster colony game (eventually) with novella that im working on right this minute.
Custom structures on top of tiles (nonfunctional at the moment just for scenery).
Perhaps a few mods to the original op2 tileset to go with my metalic tileset.

So far everything is being manually done by LOP. But if anyone wants to step in to help your more than welcomed to.  (thumbsup)  
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