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Plymouth Cold War "mod B"
« on: July 23, 2010, 03:13:56 PM »
This is my latest modification of BlackBox's "Plymouth Cold War" colony game.  You can read about my earlier efforts and the reason for the project here.

With help from Hooman, Moley and others I've now managed to get the AI to add all the weapon types to it's attack groups on all three difficulty levels.  In the BlackBox's original PCW and my previous mod, it only did this on Normal level. This is the biggest change from my "Mod A". The other differences you'll notice from the original PCW are as follows:

  • You'll get more workers and scientists on all difficulty levels.
  • You'll get two cargo trucks instead of one to start with on all difficulty levels, so you can mine more ore to buildup your base faster.
  • You'll get 1 more Railgun-Lynx and 1 less Laser-Lynx.  This makes it a lot easier to survive the the AI's Micro-Lynx attacks unscathed.
  • To make things tougher, the AI's defense is made up entirely of Tigers, instead of Lynxes.
  • FreeMoraleLevel once mining starts on all difficulty levels. In the original, morale stays fixed at 99 for the entire game on "Easy" level.
  • After refining starts you'll get the second convec and a Standard Lab kit on all three difficulty levels, instead of just on "Easy",
  • "Hard" difficulty level gets the Earthworker too,  
  • and on "Easy" you'll get a third Convec & Residence kit and a a Robodozer.
Please post all questions and comments in this thread.  Your feedback will be most appreciated.

If you'd like to try this version, you can download it here: Plymouth Cold War "mod B" Download
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