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New Campaigns?
« on: August 15, 2009, 06:18:55 PM »
Okay, so this was not completely my idea. LordofPain can up with most of it. You can go here for his original idea. We talked more about it and we came up with some stuff. He is just interested in only a new faction campaign. I was thinking, lets make new ones for them all. Kind of like just retelling the story. They will not be to long. Maybe 5 - 8 mission each. But this is what I got (most of it is still normal OP2):

     Eden has just escaped to New Terra. They start their life peacefully trying to reestablish what was lost from earth. After a while they start to see disasters plague them. A certain group of people (will be Plymouth) disagree and think they should be things different. So they leave Eden and form Plymouth. The Eden campaign continues with some fighting of Plymouth because of dissagreements.  Then Eden and Plymouthfight long enough and Plymouth decides to leave far enough away to leave them alone (or so it seems).
     There is a group of people that Plymouth  was wrong, but think they should remain friends. And this groups even considers getting Plymouth's help. Eden thinks it is crazy talk. That this group is just as bad as Plymouth, if not, worse. They are banished. They refuse to leave and (as the final Eden mission) Eden is forced to make them leave there colony.

     Okay that is what I got for the Eden campaign. It is mostly the same story just a little new stuff. The Plymouth campaign would start about 3/4 of the way through the Eden one:

     The people of Plymouth are outraged. They are current to weak to destroy Eden. They set up a base and little do they know it is on an active volcano. Plymouth must flee while trying to catch upto Eden. They get away from the volcanoes only to learn their new land is already taken by people that resemble Eden. Plymouth becomes hostile and attacks. This new group wants peace but Plymouth thinks them to be Eden spies. Some people of Plymouth side with this new group and they too are outcast. So a new war has started, but in the midst of it all, things are getting destoryed and disable. Eden and done something terribly wrong in trying to terraform. So now Plymouth most ignore this new threat and flee to the ends of the world (last mission).

     That would be the Plymouth campaign. The third campaign, the Outcast, would pick up as they fled from Plymouth:

     Outcast is what they have become. They must flee from their own family and friends. People of Plymouth and Eden alike. Plymouth slowly chases them to the ends of the world were they live peacefully. They have some simallarities with each people, but neither in particular. In one fight with Plymouth they intercept an Eden transmission and learn all is doomed... The Blight is covering the whole planet. They must evacuate (last mission). The Outcast cannot make space travel though. They must steal parts from the near by Plymouth and Eden colonies to get their need starship.  They must escape before the people of Plymouth and Eden to survive, but they cannot kill them. They must be doomed to the Blight.

     So... the Outcast missions would be (1) fleeing from Plymouth, (2) fighting back against Plymouth, (3) growing their colony, and (4) escaping New Terra by stealing starship parts from Plymouth and Eden. That is what I was thinking. Any feedback?