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Op2 Scroll Fix
« on: December 23, 2008, 09:36:00 PM »
Simple fix using the op2mod system to make outpost2 scroll only when it is the focused window. Is really annoying when developing a dll with a sub-window like mine uses and op2 is scrolling all over the place when i am trying to hit buttons...

I put lots of comments in the source, if you need an example of how to go about using op2mod stuff. "Hooman has looked over this and determined it is not a hazard to one's health"

another edit: more comments, plus can read from the ini.

Readme follows ~~~

OP2 Scroll Fix
(gotta love originality)

12/23/08 by ZigZagJoe, with extensive help from Hooman

 Fixes Outpost2 scrolling when it is not the focused window.


 LoadAddons = "OP2ScrollFix"
 Dll = "OP2ScrollFix.dll"
 Enabled = 1

All that is needed! The old mod system should work (but i can't remember how to make it load something) - it relys on DllMain as opposed to mod_load, etc.

you can still use netfix with this - just add a space and then OP2ScrollFix, thus getting LoadAddons = "NetFix OP2ScrollFix"

"Enabled" can be set to 2 in the ini to disable ALL mouse scrolling

If there is no enabled field in the ini, it defaults to enabled (1)

0 preserves the old function (scroll regardless)

GPL Open source, etc, etc.

Download below (14kb)
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