Author Topic: Old Idea With A Rework In It.  (Read 714 times)

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Old Idea With A Rework In It.
« on: August 13, 2008, 10:31:00 PM »
Mcshay - Random Map Generator. Which has not been completed don't know why but it would be nice to have it finish soon.

I will amit that I have not idea on coding or do I know for sure I can do this. But I am going to try and make this thing work. So it could be used in Muiltplayer and singleplayer modes.

At least that is my goal in the free time I have. With the new green and water tile sets this could be a fun game not know for sure what you going to get.

If someone has more information on this file I would love to have it. Like some of the bugs that were there the last time it was tried

Redoing the muiltplayer and colony srceen so you could set the setting for the map.

Things that would need to be set:(add to this lest if there is something missing)
Number of players, computer AI(with AI levels)
Teams and what player are in the team. (So team mate are next to each other.)
How big of a map
What level of mines (The number and how many bars)
Reserch level (set basic lab, Stander lab, Stander lab with VF) -This will need work

Sure there will be more to this list.

How I am not sure will find a way to pull that out of the hat also.