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Defining 'rare' Ore
« on: November 23, 2007, 07:48:21 AM »
* Argentite: Ag2S for production of silver
    * Chromite: (Fe, Mg)Cr2O4 for production of chromium
    * Gold: Au, typically associated with quartz or as placer deposits
    * Uraninite (pitchblende): UO2 for production of metallic uranium

I can't seem to find anymore. :'(

Could somebody help get the ball rolling.




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Defining 'rare' Ore
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The processes under which these veins were formed is unknown, and largely irrelevant to the colonies since they are easily detected without knowing their origin.  Two general types of ore are known, each made from a soup of various metals.  The first is simply called Common Ore, and it is rich in lighter metals such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, yttrium, and chromium, as well as a few common heavier metals like copper and iron.  So-called Rare Ores are rich in heavier metals including radioactives.  Metals in this group include gold, silver, lead, cobalt, nickel, palladium, osmium, platinum, cadmium, zinc, mercury, thorium, and uranium. 

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Defining 'rare' Ore
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Iridium is in very small amounts.  The main reason its on earth is because of a meteor/comet.  Not to say its not on new terra or any other planet.  Just that its in such a small amounts its useless.

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Defining 'rare' Ore
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well with even New Terra meteor strike rate(and a lack of ocean) i see the idea of iridium as being highly likely.
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