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Factory Build Lists
« on: October 13, 2007, 11:09:12 AM »
I came across the factory build lists. That was somewhat interesting to examine. I learned one small thing that I have puzzled over for a while before.

There are two versions of the Starflare and the Supernova. One of them is used by vehicles, and the other is used by guard posts. I added some comments to my MapIdEnum.h file for the time being.

Code: [Select]
	mapStarflare,    	// 41 Vehicle Starflare
mapSupernova,     // 42 Vehicle Supernova
mapStarflare2,     // 43 GuardPost Starflare
mapSupernova2,     // 44 GuardPost Supernova

I quickly checked the last tutorial DLL to confirm this. When creating guard posts, it'll use the later two constants in the DLL, and when it's creating vehicles, it'll use the first two constants in the DLL.

I went looking for the difference between the weapons and here is what I found:

Vehicle Starflare:  range: 1  concussion: 500  penetration: 1000  radius (pixels): 60
GP Starflare:  range: 1  concussion: 600  penetration: 1200  radius (pixels): 72

Vehicle Supernova:  range: 1  concussion: 1500  penetration: 1200  radius (pixels): 96
GP Supernova:  range: 1  concussion: 1500 penetration: 1200  radius (pixels): 112

Certainly very interesting that the GP versions are a little more powerful. I wonder if this will tempt anyone to actually use one once in a while.  ;)