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Outpost: Final Destiny
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Outpost: Final Destiny

They were the last survivors of a dead Earth, castaways in an ocean of stars with not one they could call home. For nearly a century they drifted, suspended in cold sleep, while computer intelligence guided their hastily built starship and searched, unsuccessfully, for an Earth-like world. Resources dwindling, the computers woke a few of the crew to make a desperate decision. If no Earth-like world could be found, how close was close enough?
Their voyage ended on a world they named New Terra, in the same spirit that desert dwellers once named their towns after sources of water. In truth, it was nothing like Earth; stark, hostile, forbidding, and in its own way, beautiful. There the last few hundred surviving humans cobbled together a town from their meager supplies and what they could salvage from their starship and Landers. At first the colony was known only as "Outpost," but as it grew, the colonists gave it a real name. They called it Eden.

Then, things began to fall apart. The colonists divided into two groups, one that wanted to conquer New Terra, and a second that wished to adapt to its harsh environment. In the end, it was the second group that took their share of supplies and resources and moved away to form a splinter colony, which they named Plymouth.
For a time the two colonies tried to reconcile, but talking only seemed to widen the canyon of thought between them. When Eden announced its intention to terraform their planet, to transform it into a new Earth, the Plymouthers were outraged. In protest they broke off talks, and sent a command to the lone satellite that linked the two colonies, shutting it down, unaware that it could never be reactivated. It was as though a curtain had closed, and neither colony wanted to be the first to open it.

For years, the two colonies turned their backs on one another, each growing and advancing in technology, never understanding the hidden forces that had torn them apart, never suspecting that disaster would soon bring them back together in fire and conflict.

In Eden, behind locked doors and shuttered windows, intense and secretive research begins to bear fruit. Not only will them terraform the planet, but also they have taken steps to see that no one will stop them. No one. Then, even as the leaders announce their impending triumph, things begin to go horribly, horribly wrong.

Meanwhile, in Plymouth, the long-dead rocks beneath their colony's foundations begin to shake and heave, a geological impossibility. Little do they know that this is only the beginning --- of the end?

Intro II

Back on Earth, before the “last of humans” were launched in Conestoga, NASA supplied space shuttle Midstream with same propulsion like Conestoga, but the shuttle was able to carry only 75 people, using parts from satellites orbiting Earth. The NASA was not to follow Conestoga, than to go Mars, hiding themselves from Conestoga, for unknown reasons, apparently, they got these orders. After they had to leave mars, so they started to search for a better planet. After sometime they left, but their “luck” guided them to New Terra, but only too late. The Planet was infested; only 25% was still intact, mostly ice lands and high grounds, but few flat lands too. They had to go down to do some well needed restock of supplies using Eden/Plymouth building they found abandoned. After finding those building, they knew that they are not alone. After the infestation has taken its time, the starship was launched, with few modifications on her engines and life support, adding few solar panels. Midstream was going somewhere…. probably to a new beginning… or end?

Intro III

But Midstream had no sensors, they didn’t see that New Terra was still populated, remains of Eden and Plymouth. Both Plymouth and Eden were hiding in ice lands or high grounds, forced to ally. And indeed they did. Together they managed to salvage parts of Conestoga, and other starship projects that failed and crashed back on NT. In the right moment, they launched, this time they left nobody. NT was now lifeless, just the blight harassing the Planet.

The remains of Eden and Plymouth Were named afterwards Terran Colony. They in a short time found a planet that almost matches the specs of earth, just, covered in snow. There is no flat ground, only mountains, not very tectonically active, but sure, when a earthquake comes, the whole world is affected, the planet was named Marcedia I along with a desert planet Marcedia II, which is a long way from Marcedia I. Marcedia I has a moon, named Moon, because it look like the moon back on Earth. Terran Colony established a colony, still small and not technologically advanced, but advanced enough to survive.

Eden that jettisoned off NT went to a planet distant to Marcedia I. The planet was very young. There were still some lava pools, along with small lakes and high mountains. After landing and establishing colony, they focused their lives on protecting this planet and its stability. The planet was named Magma along with its 2 moons: Tetanus and Apparel both are filled with impact craters and rocks. Their fist priority was that structures are secured from lava; its gases and constant earthquakes.

For 200 Years (earth Years) they never saw each other.

Eden was stagnating with technology, almost not developing, but they started to build Starships to explore or mine surrounding planets and moons. The starships were equipped with a nuclear reactor to power the Starship.
The Magma has now about 5 million people. They are peaceful, almost are not developing weapons.

Terran Colony however was not polluting the planet; they used Garbage ships to jettison the garbage to Sun, named Mark VI. They were prosperous, with advanced technology, and high number of colonists: about 3.5 million people.
Terran Colony was building starships, with the same purpose as Eden, but there was armed with Modificated RPG and Bullets.

The first contact has come in 206* when TSS Vulcan came in contact with NS Meriss on a routine explore of a lava planet. TSS Vulcan and NS Meriss tried to contact themselves using radio, but they couldn’t; unknown reason – Shortly Meriss docked with Vulcan. They became allies, but Plymouth population in TC was outraged, leading many political protests. The situation went mad when in 207 Plymouth terrorist have destroyed a diplomatic transported carrying Diplomats from both Terran Colony and Eden. That was strange, because the Plymouthers lived in TC with Edenians, and they had no problems with them, but from an unknown reason, hate the Edenians on Magma.
TC tried to cool down the situation but it was too late. Terrorists have blown up the MegaDrome (huge Agridome), which was supplying the whole colony with food, using large quantities of explosives. They were repeating terrorist attacks, with the same message; to break all communication with Eden. The most of the Plymouth population in TC was outraged by the acts of rebels. After a large number of attacks and constant casualties, TC banned all of Plymouthers, (except the diplomats and people who are important in the economy) at the time, there were 500 000 thousand, they were transported them multiple times in the huge transships. The “Transportation Age” ended 209 after 2 full years. Plymouth chooses their home Marcedia II. The planet was like New Terra; just it had a little more ice lands and more flat lands.

Plymouth established a colony in less than half years, and built large quantities of armed starships, but they said, that they would use in only in cases when they are under attack. In 211 Plymouth Built an Ion Cannon used to defend the planet against enemies and incoming asteroids. In 210 an asteroid belt has come extremely close to Marcedia II. By the time, Plymouth had 1 million people.
In 212 Plymouth renamed Marcedia II to Tiberon Prime. Plymouth Resumed talks to TC only diplomatically and economical, but has cut off all communications with Eden permanently.

It’s Year 220. The asteroid belt passed Tiberon Prime. Plymouth has re-initiated a truce with Eden. Communications are backing, but to half. Plymouth has shutdown the Ion Cannon, and stopped the Production of Warships. It was one of Eden Truce Demands.

Eden has continued to watch for the planet. Before 2 years ago, Eden was afraid that Plymouth could attack, so made a defense grid around Magma. The grid is now offline. It was one of Plymouth demands.

TC has resumed with technologically advance, eco system is their top priority. First life sings were detected, small plants growing inside Marcedia I. Their alliance with both Plymouth and Eden were never so strong.

Before 2 days, SSC Baxter discovered a strange Star Ship orbiting and scanning Tiberon Prime. The Authorities of all 3 planets and Plymouth PDA (Planet Defense Agency) sent each one of them a Warship, except TC that sent an unarmed Star Ship.

They had coordinates of the vessel, and were going in a nebula in which long range communication was impossible.
After few Days, TSS Polo and SSC Axel, returned, without NS Mayxer. Reports said that Mayxer went outside the nebula, to investigate strange transmissions coming outside the nebula. The ship was in range to send transmission and messages, but as soon the Mayxer arrived at the origin, transmissions stopped, the ship went off the screen, and the origin of the transmissions went off the screen too. When both of the ships exited the Nebula, they discovered no debris or particles that could include on a fight. After exploring a wider radius of the area, they located the jettisoned black box, that was to be jettisoned on Magma, but its left engines were disabled, so it was going in circle. When recovered and decoded, they found out that Mayxer has “disappeared” that even computer didn’t record. After going few minutes behind, they found that their nuclear core went unstable, and the condition was the same until they arrived to the transmission origin. Nuclear breach appeared and the hull was compromised, but it holds. After few minutes of failures to sanction the damage, radiation flooded all decks. However, the hull was still holding the radiation, not letting it out. After some time, black box was jettisoned, with its left engine damaged from all that radiation that a cured. By the time, when it left the ship, transmission ended normally because the circuits of the ships computer stopped sending info to the black box’s circuits.
Eden Authorities have decided, “disappearance” of NS Mayxer was an accident provoked by nuclear reactor malfunction. After that event, security of nuclear core was increased.

Total Death toll on NS Mayxer was 500 people. It was the first Starship accident.

In year 223 an earthquake hit Marcedia I, the EDC (emergency disaster center) alerted the whole planet 1.5 minutes before the earthquake happened. Most of the people were inside shelters but about 1.5 million people were outside were outside of shelters or have come too late.
The Earthquake lasted less than 20 seconds, but it gave a very big damage to all buildings and structures on Marcedia I.
1 million people died.

Only 1 year later, on Magma, one lava pool has erupted, leaving 1 newly constructed colony totally defenseless against the lava. The eruption was unpredicted. 300 thousand people died and about 1 million people have diseases made by lava gases. It was global. 1 week after the eruption, the death toll went up to 1.5 million. Because of the gases the whole planet was filled with clouds, which were non-toxic, but were stopping the sunrays to come to the planet. The planets production of food has decreased to 50 %. The clouds will go of in 2.5 years.

The only planet that was not desecrated was Tiberon Prime.

Intro Final:

Year 230.
Magma’s clouds have cleared now. Lava pools are very low, most of them are gone. Construction of additional lava walls are finished
Population: 9.5 million

Marcedia I have rebuilt the colonies that were desecrated by the earthquake. Additional defenses to defend the colony from earthquakes are built.
Population: 5.5 Million.

Tiberon Prime didn’t have any disaster for a long time.
Population: 2.5 million. Most of the children are twins. Plymouth used advanced genes to double the planet’s population.

The Ship that was scanning Tiberon Prime was a Plymouth Renegade ship.
Events of Mayxers disappearance are still unknown.

It may look that all of 3 factions that have found a place where to live, but they couldn’t be more wrong…

TSS - Terran Star Ship (Terran Colony)
NS – Naval Ship (Eden)
SSC – Star Ship Craft (Plymouth)
NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
* - Years start after the colonization of Marcedia I


Chapter 1st Scrolling the history

Year 235

----BASIC LOOK----
Name: Mark Landon
Born: 210
Planet Of Birth: Marcedia II (Tiberon Prime)
Age: 25
Skills: Exceptional Nuclear Core engineer and Tactical Officer
Colonists ID Number: 542-25-210-3
Current occupation: Student 2. Year of Officer and Engineer Training Program
2/4 years of Training Program
Grades-    -Tactical Officer: Excellent
       -Nuclear reactor engineer: Very good

School paid by: Anonymous

“Hmmm” Mark stared at the control console without stop, looking at the “School paid by:” part.
“I gotta get rid of this addiction,” Mark said quietly while everyone was yelling in the library. After exiting Central Library, he went back to his room, in the residence. He entered the room and seat on the metal chair in the kitchen. “One scrambled eggs please” Mark said to the walls. After few moments, doors in the wall opened, and a small lift appeared, carrying his scrambled eggs. “Thanks” The wall doors closed, and Mark was eating the eggs with an unbelievable speed. The meal was eaten in a short period of time, only leaving the dirty, yellow plate. Mark again walked to the wall, clicking the button located on the wall, and a metal arm, grabbed the plate and took it in the wall. After the well-needed meal, he laid down on the bed, trying to fall asleep. But sonly his sleep was interrupted by his crazy friend Brad. Who was also his roommate. “Hey Dude!” Brad yelled out of tune. “Why are you lying down?! Get up, today is a shiny DAY!!!” Mark, stayed chill, putting pillows on his ears, and turned around. But brad didn’t give up; he picked up the fork and lightly stabbed him in his back. Mark jumped of the bed, picked up the pillow and hit Brad with all his strength. Brad fell over the couch and was lying down. Regretting the fork-thingy he did. Mark lay down again on the bed. Trying to sleep.

Brad Marksmen is a top-class Hawk space-fighter the name of his craft is Generator and his codename Hale. It is his 3rd year at the University. Unfortunately, he fell one year because of Basic Engineering Training Program, when he used the chair and hit the main screen of the Plasma-screen. He said “He error-d on me!”

Their normal days at the university will soon change…

Chapter 2nd: Unrevealing of Unreal

When finally Mark fell asleep and Brad shut up, Red lights were activated, and sirens went off. Mark and Brad jumped on the feet and ran to the Peoples Administration, which was the “panic Room” for situations like this. “All students of 1st ,  2nd class and 3rd class move to the shelters, 4th class, go to your designated Code Red Areas”
“Maroon, Pico, Mekel, Sequel, Landon report to SSC Tertian” The Administrator yelled “Marksmen, Bettino, Cartels and Cameron, Go to your designated Hawk space-fighters!” “Go to the armory, take up your weapons, and Armour and go to your designated zones! GO go go! Mark ran quickly, and he realized that this is no drill, he never saw the Administrator more nervous ever. When he picked the equipment, he quickly ran to the Joint Platform, the only means to get aboard.
 Before setting foot on the platform he felt a strange vibration, and than a loud sound of explosion. Mark almost lost his balance, but he resumed to run. When he boarded on the Tertian, he was immediately directed to the bridge.
 Tertian is the newest of all classes, equipped with the latest Nuclear Reactor, and weapons. Tertian was more warship than an explorer.
 Tertian was on a testing run on Macadam University, running with minimal crew.
However, something was strange. By the Eden-Plymouth pact, Plymouth and Eden should have stopped producing warships.

 When arriving to the bridge, he expected a crowded, noisy bridge, but instead he found the room half empty, and silent. Only thing that was making noise was the scanning computer. Mark got promoted from a 2nd class student to a tactical officer. From the captains mouth personally.
However, Tertian’s weapons and many other vital operations were offline. So, Tertian was to be escorted by Hawk Space-fighters to the nearest space-docks. When the main engines were initiated, the vibrations were huge, because of the angle of take-off. Tertian was the first generation of take-off and landing craft named VTOLC (vertical take off landing craft)
As they were lifting off the ground, Mark saw building in fire, chaos and wreck. He knew that something has gone real mad.  The old “dormant” research facility, that was used for chemical industry was destroyed, and the flames around it were colored. Huge gas clouds lifted high, sirens and many vechs crashed on each other. And the gas clouds could make a big problem for Tertian, as the lift off sequence using VTOL technology, needs oxygen, or any other gas that would normally be eject for the use of VTOL, but as Tertian was launched too soon, the canisters were empty and the ship’s crew could pray that they don’t end up in a gas cloud.
The worst happened Tertian ended up in a Gas cloud. The engines hummed like they were filled with dust, and they were loosing altitude real fast. However, they were lucky that the clouds go up, so when they are at lower altitude, they can be safe from the clouds, but the buildings and hills could pose the problem.

“Ok guys I don’t want us to get killed. Someone disable the VTOL and use standard engine, or else the worst is going to come” – The Captain said. The captain was unusually young but as it seems he was very bright. Not many students end up as a commanding officer, and not so many ends up as a captain of the most Modern ship in the fleet!
The ship, with space fighters and few evacuation ships have left the orbit of Tiberon. Seeing the colony in flames, while other colonies were untouched. Mark and the Captain could clearly see that some ships are firing at the Colony.
“Aliens maybe?” – Mark asked.
“Don’t be a fool, the only thing that hates Plymouth could be the Eden scum or the rebels” – it was surprisingly that the Captain said “Eden scum” because he was born on Magma, the planet of Eden.
The sirens were on, and on the scanning screen was an “alert” sign, underneath it was signed “radar lock-on”
“Holy s***” Captain said “quickly – chaff and evasive maneuver! Incoming ships! Arm the torpedo tubes!”
“Sir the torpedo tubes are empty” – The weapons officer said.
“Why the hell are they empty?! The only thing why we need those tubes are for defense, not for decoration! Arm the microwave emitters, NOW!”
The floor was shaking, the ship was hit by a torpedo and one small piece of the unfinished ship was torn off the ship. Most off the people on the ship fell off their legs.
“Microwaves ready” –officer said
“Well, what are you waiting for, fire!”
The Microwave hit the ship’s engine, the ship was spinning in space, and was also pulled by the planet’s gravity. While spinning, most of the crew on the bridge noticed that it was a ship of the renegades. Everyone fell relieved because entering a full scale war with Eden was a bad idea.
Tertian is in a good shape, while one of the Escort ship, grappled the ship for interrogation and examination.
“Oh my, who would say that we will meet each other in this was way?” – Captain said with a small smile “OK, you contact the Authorities, and you, damage report and ask for a small vessel to rearm us. Rests of you are dismissed. Wait, first, the tactical officer will give you the number of your quarters”
Mark felt kind of good because it was his first “real” job

Chapter 3rd Information

While Tertian is in the Space Dock “Terra”, Captain ordered the new crew, that came from this space dock to get familiar to the systems and the ship. The rest of the crew was put in charge to take care of the ship and its systems. Mark was checking out almost every scanning panel on the bridge, because he was almost the most experienced person on the ship.
“2nd lieutenant Landon, report to the Engineering” – the ships computer reported on the speakers mounted on the roof. Mark, left the panels for another officer, and gone to the Speed Lift, where he was going for engineering part of the ship. As he arrived, he had something to see. People were in protective suits and in gas masks, possibly here was a radiation leek.
“What the F…” Mark saw people running and a crew member lying on the floor with his face burned. He was maybe the one that witnessed the reactor breach. “Holy…” Mark ran to the security checkpoint to get some protective suit.
“Sir… there was a reactor breach…” –a man in the suit said

“Yeah, I see, who is in charge here?” – Mark asked.

“He.” pointing to the dead officer next to the Speed Lift doors.

“He? How the hell did it happen?” –He asked.

“Unknown sir” –the man said.
“Dammit” Mark quickly ran out to check the generator; hopefully, he will be protected against radiation - for a time.
“Hmm… a standard breach” he walked to a valve, closing it “that should do it”
When he closed the valve he took off his mask.
“HEY! Take it back on or you will die! Quickly! ” A man yelled.
“No worry, the thing that was leaking was steam. No radiation, I assure you, and that officer died from steam leakage.”

Mark afterwards worked with some newbie’s to repair the reactor and stop further leakage. After the job was finished, he went back up in the Speed Lift to the Comm. Room to report the captain, which was off-board that he should send a Nuke reactor officer.
Mark walked to the comm. panel.
“Opening communication link to: 00684-385332-3433431-A”-the computer said.
“Captain here”
“Sir, there was a reactor leakage”
“What? Quickly, close it off and do a damage report now, I am coming”
“But Sir there was no radioactive leakage”
“I don’t give a s***, does it as I say!!”
“Did you test it?”
“Err… no”
“Are you sure there is no leakage?”
“Than do it as I say. When I come, you and I are going to have a chat.”

Mark lowered his head and walked nervously to the captain quarters.
After few moments the Captain arrived.
“Get inside”- he said
The doors opened and the Captain and Mark went in
“Take a seat” -Mark seat down
“Tell me everything”

“I see, and you didn’t waste time to make a hero out of your self?! You jeopardized the lives o everyone one on this ship, including your life too! I did some research. There was some radiation, not harmful but enough, but it could hurt, even kill someone unprotected. That was stupid and… stupid. Since I am in shortage of officers, I will let this go away. But next time… you will feel the consequences. Go out of my sight.”
“But sir…” Mark tried to say
“Get out now! And try to do your job! If you do your job, everything is going to be all right.” The captain calmly said.
Mark exited, and wondered, why the captain yelled about that thing so hard.
“Well, no one died” – he said.
Mark left to his quarters.

He opened the doors and was surprised seeing such a nice room in such a ship. Bed to the left, table to the right, windows to front. Few decorations and a computer.
He walked to the computer.
“WOW! The newest savant version: 231-A ! My job here will be much easier that using old 130-A.” Mark was truly impressed by the whole room. He walked through out the room to see everything inside.
After minute of “inspecting” he finally lied down to take a rest. As soon as he touched the bed, he fell asleep.

Chapter 4th

Mark wake up, slowly opening his eyes, and noticing a strong red light in the room. “What the…”
It was the Red-light. Usually powered up when it is code-red. When the ship is testing the lightning, they use yellow lights. Mark raised his hand to find the communicator.
“Hello? – Communications? – Bridge? –Does anyone copy?! “All what the got was a rumbling that ended in static. Mark took the communicator and exited the room. He looked out of the room into the hallway. It was empty, silent. He walked to the Speed Lift to operate it, but it didn’t work. He noticed a strong fog when he was coming close to the left door, next to the Airlock. When he came close to the doors, he couldn’t see his finger in front of his head. He couldn’t move. In a moment he winded up in the space. “What the…?”  He said. It was strange to hear his voice in space. It was hollow, echoing on the space docks. He was lifting between the docks and the ship. In a moment he saw a missile coming down on the planet. After a few moments a flash happened. He was somewhere else. He saw a planet. “That is….” He saw New Terra, before being blighted. He was here during all the thing people done on landing and departure. From forming Outpost to the splintering, from the blighting to the escape. Again a blinding flash. He was somewhere else. The planet was Earth. Mark didn’t say word, he just looked that the planet. As he turned to the right, he saw the comet coming down on Earth. It crashed. Before the flash, he saw Conestoga leave Earth. FLASH! He got closer to Earth. He saw a ship, strange shape, written on it Midstream, on which under it was written NASA. When he got closer, he saw people in it, looking in the direction of him and pointing. He thought they can see him, but as soon the turned, it was the comet, as a star, and he knew that they haven’t looked at him. As he looked a little bit further, he saw a child that was looking at him, right in the eyes. Mark opened him mouth, while he couldn’t belive what the saw. The child was waving to him. It all happened in a second. FLASH! Mark jumped off his bed looking to the wall. He rubbed his eyes, and thinking was it a dream. As soon he got dressed, he runes to the Library, pushing people on his way. As soon he got there, he walked to the computer and typed in NASA.


NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Last flight of space shuttled: Midstream
Closed: At Earth Armageddon

Director: Michael Landon


“What the Hell?”
He typed something else;

---SEARCH DEFINITION: Landon, Michael---

Director of NASA

Leader of Midstream Project

Died during evacuation to Conestoga


Michael Landon Jr.


He typed again something
“I don’t understand…”

---SEARCH DEFINITION: Landon, Michael; Jr. ---

Son of Landon Michel

Was chosen for evacuation, but by his fathers death, he had no guardians, so he was not selected for evacuation

YES                  NO

Signed at Outpost [Eden] colony as a technician.

Had 2 sons.
Names unknown.

None were evacuated by Conestoga II.

“I don’t…”
He typed something again

---SEARCH DEFINITION: Project Midstream---

An evacuation project manned by Michael Landon
Starship: Midstream

Status: unknown

Mark typed again with anger in his eyes.

---SEARCH DEFINITION: Midstream---

Starship commissioned by NASA in 2006

Last take off: 20 days before Earth Armageddon.


“Why doesn’t anyone know about this?”

Something popped up.

---Michael Landon Jr.---
|Evacuated by Midstream|

“Mark opened his eyes, couldn’t believe that what he saw.”
Soon the window closed and another popped up;

---Landon, Michael; Jr.---
Wasn’t evacuated.
Both sons were evacuated by a spaceship builded after Conestoga II, in possession of TC.

The window closed.
Mark was in shock.

Chapter 5th – The glow

After exiting the library, he seat in his chair, nervously nibbling his nails. He hasn’t stopped thinking about it.
“I got a brother? Wh….Wh….Where did that message came from?”
Mark resumed to think.

His thoughts were interrupted:
“Status Blue, all officers report to your designated areas.” The communicator screamed.
“Status Blue” is a Plymouth code, usually describing appearance of a space worm. An Organism barely 2-1 meters long. But containing a high concentrate of “Flux”, which is processed into: Fuel, Rare Metal, Ores and bio-hazard material.
Taking the Speed Lift he arrived to the bridge.
“Allright, this is your first Space Worm. The target is not easy to hit. Weapons, target the lower part of the worm. Tactical. As soon the target is hit, activate the Scoop. We need that fuel.” – the captain said.
As expected, the beast was destroyed, and the cargo was scooped. Afterwards a cargo ship appeared, took the cargo, and took it to the orbital space processing center (OSPC).
“Eeeerrrmm… Captain?” – the Information’s officer said nervously
“What is it?”
“Sensors have detected Flux in the front part of the ship” –he said
“Decon team, use RR’ (Radio-controlled Robots) and clean the ship”- The captain said
“Too late sir” –he said “It is already manifested”
“How didn’t the sensors report it? Dammit! Can’t you look at the damn console every often? Quickly, get to the dock, set the RR’ to quickly cut the piece. How is it big?” –The captain asked
“It is touching the bridge sir” –Officer calmly said
“Dammit! Evacuate! Quickly!” The captain said.

Flux has been also know as a very abrasive fluid. If injected to metal, it will eat 1km square of metal in only 1 hour. Only resistant metal is the plutonium. That’s why  only cargo ships tow Flux away.
But, when it manifests, meaning, when it is in contact with organic molecules, and unprotected metal, it manifests, spreads the tiny pieces of “Manifested Flux” which can easily destroy the organs needed for breathing. From that point of view, the “Flux” on the front side of the ship is useless. It needs to be scrubbed away, which is hard, or cut the piece of the ship.

People from the bridge have hysterically evacuated the Bridge. Speed Lifts were going up-down, up-down…
The whole officers stack went to Operations center

“Tech, open the panel” – the captain said
“Aye Captain” – he said
The panel opened.
Operations is located in the middle of the ship. It is often used as a shelter if the ship is about to pass certain radiation clouds, or any else hazardous clouds/nebulas. The op’s walls were about 1-2 meters big. Sprayed with every kind of protectors. The room was dark, but barely enough light just to see what is happening, and the voices, and sounds were echoing on the metal walls.
“Sir”- Mark said “The bridge has a hole, it is opened”
“Well… what did you expect… The time until RR’ finish the job” – The captain asked
“Unknown. We lost contact with them”- Mark said
“How? And no one didn’t report to me?!¨What is wrong with you people? OK, new rule. Anything that happens, you tell it to me. ME” –The captain said it pointing his finger at himself.
Soon, a vibration sturd the ship.
“The bridge must have been detached.”- He said. “OK, call back the RR’s, Navigation, point us to the nearest repair bay”

The crew resumed to work.
“Captain!” Navigations officer said
“Yes?”- he said
“Engines are not responding! Engineering says that there is no problem in the engine itself!”
“Then what is it?”
“It seems that the “Flux” has eaten away some data cables but I think it can be repaired.”
“Do it than”
“Aye Captain!”-he said
Afterwards, he took few of the crew members and went outside the ops. They must have gone outside and inside, to repair the data cables.

“Gerry? Do you have the AT564?” one of the mechanics asked
“Yup, here you go”

“Foudland? I’m out of oxygen. I’m going to the pump to get a refill. I’l be back.”
“Okay, be back shortly.”

“Data cable capacity is 1gb/s. Minimum transitorium is achieved. Please, connect to AT555 or AT564 with/without extension A2.” The savant said

The mechanic connected few wires

“Checking satus… … Please wait… To achieve maximum transitorium, preferred tool tooooooooooooooooooooooooo….”-the savant malfunctioned
“Crap. I’ sue Sonny for that! After he designed that crappy computer I’d knew I shouldn’t buy at his store. The screen practically exploded. The Savant Cube ended in my mouth!” – the mechanic complained
“Well…. That sh…..” The mechanics speech was interrupted by a large shadow covering the sunlight from the nearest sun. “What the….”
It was covering a part of his view. It was a huge ship, built piece by piece randomly… Types of metal combined on each other.

“I’l be damned.”

In that moment the laser on the ship powered up. Aiming straight at him….

The whole crew concentrated on repairing the damage on the ship, and administering injections that, if “Man. Flux” appears should protect them.
“Mark,” an officer asked “Did you get the shot? Boy, it looks nasty when the doctor sticks it in your b….”


A strong vibration appeared, followed by a very loud sound of explosion

“Holy s***!” – a crew member said
“Captain, we have a minor breach in deck 3”
“Sir, injured in deck 4!”
“It’s a renegade ship!”
“s***! They are powering the Lasers!”

Another loud sound of explosion, everyone fell off their feet

“Dammit, send the Hawk’s! They need to distract the enemy, while we charge the weapons!” – Captain said

“Th..ha…..bay…..we…..r…s…ing….wks……..igh…..way!” – The communications device yelled with all the static.
The ship took another laser hit
“Sir, the deck 3 is breached, the bulkheads are barely holding! The deck 4 is breched, but all bulkheads are operational!”

The panel started to make noises

“Holy s***! Captain! 2 salvos of RPG, incoming! Grab on to something!
Mark grabbed the nearest object to his hand.
“Sir, impact in 5…..4……3….2….1….”

Gordon Freeman, and mr. Crowbar would own Master Chief in any part of the day.
"Come here citizen."

"From the ashes of the collapse we seek to build a better world for all."