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New Here? Please Read!
« on: August 24, 2007, 12:41:02 PM »
Message from leeor_net:

Hey everybody!

A few new forumites mentioned this post and were asking about dead links and such so I looked over it and it's clear that it's SUPER SUPER OLD and most of the information is very outdated. I'll get around to writing an updated version of this introduction but I didn't want to take this down as it's still a really great post!

So yeah, once I write the new introduction post I'll unsticky this one. Until then, hop on over to the Chat page if you have any questions, we have a number of users that are usually active though it may take a few minutes for us to respond.

{Sorry, couldn't keep up with PMing it to new members, got too busy}

Welcome to the forum. If you are here, hopefully it is because you like the game and are happy to find a community that is still gaming with Outpost 2. I am CK9, part of the forum staff, and I will give you a quick run-through on the Outpost community.

Here's what you will findin this message:
- forum info
- multiplayer info
- some quick tips

Here on the forums, you will find the most important information. Updates on different projects, which include a re-build of the original game and an Outpost 3 project or two. The spam threads, located at the bottom of the forum list, are where we have forum games and general spam. In the section above it on the list, you can find a sub-section for answering general computer questions. Also, we have what is called a shoutbox. It is the most noticible part of the forum, and is great for saying hi to people who are on the forum at the same time as you.

At the top left had corner area of the forum, you will find a set of links. The most useful of these is the My Controls link. here, you can change your personal forum settings. Upon entering your control pannel, you should notice a notepad, which can be used to store small pieces of info. Some people use it to store links to specific posts, codes, and sometimes even pieces of posts for future reference. Check some of the different sections out to learn all that you can do.

Another useful tool is My Assistant. It tells you how many new posts there are since your last visit, how many are replies to topics you've started, and a few other handy things.

For multiplayer games, we go onto a chat program to get organized. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is where you'll find people to get in a game with. Unlike on W.O.N., we do not have a ranking system, so you will sometimes get into games you have no chance of winning, but don't worry, we're all here to have fun. It can be downloaded here. Also, most people no longer have the CD version of Outpost 2 installed on their computer. We've been fortunate to have people here working on cracking the programming code for a long while, and have updates to the game.  The current version can be found here.

Download mIRC 6.16 with NoName Script 3.81.
and unzip it to a folder. Run mIRC and you will then connect to the server. On the left hand side, select #Outpost2 (as that is the main channel). When you first get on, you'll have to change your screen name to the one you will be using while playing. Type /nick and put a space between it and your screen name and it will change. We have a few channels on IRC (a channel being the equivalent to a chat room).

The first is #Outpost2 , where all the multiplayer games are set up. Setup info can be found here.  We use TCP/IP and a backup way via a program call Hamatchi. If you plan on being an active gamer, you sould join the list of gamers, so go here

Due to the difference in time zones, it is not as common as it used to be to get a game, but 13 out of 15 times there will be someone there up for a game, so just wait for a littleif no one is responding when you ask for a game. When you've found out who wants to play, you need to decide quickly who's hosting. If you are hosting the game, you will need to get it set up through the TCP/IP selection of the multiplayer menu in Outpost 2, then tell the others your IP address. Don't know what it is? No worries, just type $ip and press enter.

The next channel is #Outpost2.lobby , where UNO is played and the random talking is *supposed* to be (it ends up in #Outpost2 anyway). There is also a channel for new players where they can get a few pointes, and a programming channel where the programmers go to discuss their projects and help eachother work out the bugs before they release the results to everyone.

Okay, now for the tips to having a good time:
* Don't attack people. Not only does it make you look bad, but it means the mod squad has to mone out and take care of the mess
* Don't spam outside of the test/spam section. The admins don't like this, and it causes a big mess on the forum.
* Don't be afraid to ask for help.
* If you are losing in a game, don't just quit. Most people won't play you anymore if you are constantly quitting.

If you want to know any more about the community, there are two places you can look. For a listing of players, there's a link under the shoutbox. For a quick history of the forum (actually, it might be an interesting read) go here.
If you would like to see an OP2 video, you can view one here, or watch some in-game action (no sound though :( ) here.

A few words from one of the admins here:
"We hope you stay with the comunity and keep enjoying the great game. Extinction is not an option."

Everyone here has something they are good at, and something they are horrible at, so don't be afraid of looking bad to us, it's all good

thanks for joining the forum, please post often
- the moderating team
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