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Outpost 2 History
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Since it's pretty much agreed that Outpost 2 takes place within 50-100 years, from now, that would mean the Conestoga left Earth anywhere between 2050 and 2100 AD.  Also, we know that the voyage from Earth to New Terra lasted no more than 100 years:
They were the last survivors of a dead Earth, castaways in an ocean of stars with not one they could call home. For nearly a century they drifted, suspended in cold sleep, while computer intelligence guided their hastily-built starship and searched, unsuccessfully, for an Earth-like world. Resources dwindling, the computers woke a few of the crew to make a desperate decision. If no Earth-like world could be found, how close was close enough?
Also, using evidence from the intro cutscenes:

We can see that they had established the main Eden colony by 2X69, which would have taken a few years to complete.
With this information, I would like to suggest a rough timeline for Outpost 2.
2050-2070 AD: Earth is destroyed by Vulcan's Hammer.  Conestoga departs for a new planet.
Mid 2140's AD: Conestoga arrives at New Terra. Survivors land on surface, begin construction of "Outpost" colony, later to be named Eden.
Mid to Late 2160's AD: Earth survivors begin dying off en masse due to the effects of hibernation syndrome. In time, Axen Moon and Emma Burke will be the only surviving Elders.
2169 AD: Eden colony has become a large, thriving settlement.
Late 2169 or Early 2170 AD: Political dissenters depart from Eden to form Plymouth Colony.
2170 AD: Plymouth Colony has become a large and successful colony. Tension continues to grow between Eden and Plymouth. Sometime before this, the original Conestoga starship's orbit decayed, causing the ship to crash to New Terra.
Late 2170 or Early 2171 AD: In a dramatic gesture, Plymouth disables the Communications Satellite.  Unfortunately, this worked against them, as they failed to realize that it could never be reactivated.
October 12, 2172 AD: Eden Colony destroyed by terraforming microbe later dubbed "The Blight". Survivors evacuate.
October 10, 2172 AD: Volcanic eruption near Plymouth endangers the Colony.
October 12, 2172 AD: Plymouth Colony destroyed by volcanic eruption. Survivors evacuate.
Late 2172 to Early 2173 AD: War erupts between Eden and Plymouth Colonies; The Blight continues to spread across New Terra.
Early/Mid/Late 2173 or Early 2174 AD: Evacuation starship, presumed to be Eden's, departs from New Terra's orbit. Blight consumes New Terra.

Now, you're probably wondering why I put this in the spam forum...
Well, I thught of a little story to go along with this. Enjoy.

In A.D. 2172
War was beginning.
Emma: What happen?
Axen: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Kraft: We get signal!!
Axen: What!!
Kraft: Main screen turn on.
Axen: It's you!!
Lil Komos: How are you gentlemen!!  All your base are belong to Blight.  You are on the way to destruction.
Axen: What you say!!
Lil Komos: You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha ...
Kraft: Axen!!
Axen: Take off every 'Evac Transport'!!
Axen: You know what you doing.
Axen: Move 'Evac Transport'.
Axen: For great justice.

(14:25:15) (Arklon) it's eerily similar to that part of the novella.

Some of you may be wondering why there is so little time between the release of the Blight and the evacuation from New Terra. Quite simply, the novella contains no evidence of any of the characters aging. Also, the Blight spreads so quickly that they have little more than a few years to complete the starship.  You may point out that people are born and die very quickly in game, but I counter that arguement by reminding you that the game wouldn't be very fun if it took 9.5 months for children to be born, 18 years for children to become workers, and 4 or more years for workers to become scientists.
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Outpost 2 History
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There was also that part about how the cryogenic sleep shortened the life span/life cycle. Hence why you had to research something to prevent that from worsening on the ship evacuating from New Terra.

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Outpost 2 History
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Yes, I'll add that in I guess.
Edit: Added that.
Edit 2: Some grammatical errors fixed.  Also, Arklon pointed out that the Conestoga would have to arrive much eariler than I thought it did, as Axen and Emma were in their teens when they left Earth, yet are in their forties by the beginning of the novella. Dates adjusted.
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"As usual, colonist opinion is split between those who think the plague is a good idea, and those who are dying from it." - Outpost Evening Star

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