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Rules for posting of and discussion about ideas on the Genesis forums

We have some time ago noticed a lot of 'unneccessary' posts in our ideas forums. Spam and carelessly posted ideas make it hard to overview everything, thus slowing development.

Therefore we ask you to not wage any flamewars. These will be immediately deleted. A flamewar is considered as when the subject of the discussion are the people discussining rather than an idea for the game.
We also ask you to post ideas at the right place. If in the mid of a thread you get a new idea, please open a new thread for it in the right forum. You may post a link to the new thread in the original thread, and a link from the 'related ideas' section of the new idea to the old thread is desired if appropiate.
Finally, we will delete any spam and posts that seem to be nonsense.

Please consider that we want to develop op3. We can't do that when we have to moderate our forums all the time.

To make life even easier for us, you should consider the following:
  • Please read its whole thread before commenting an idea.

  • Before posting an idea think about the following:
    • Why should your idea be included in OP3.
    • What are the advantages AND disadavantages of your idea.
    • What can your idea bring in terms of game playability and satistaction.
    • if it applies and if it is possible, include a sketch.
  • An idea will likely not be included if:
    • it is not Outpost style (if you are not sure, you should add an explanation, why it IS outpost style)
    • there is no realistic explanation why it technically works (you may add it later, but if we can't find it, it is not there for us)
    • it is based too much on the idea of warfare, rather than on survival of the last humans
    • the idea does not have its own thread
  • Arguments will likely be IGNORED by us if:
    • they refer to balancing the game
    • we don't understand them
  • We like ideas which
    • make op3 different from other games
    • fit perfectly into the Outpost world
    • make controling the game easier
  • Ideas will be evaluated when we need them.
I also want to quote Freeza:

I think that op3 needs to take a page from OP2 since its going to continue the story and so forth.

1. Needs to stay with in scientific possiblity. Not some crazy psuedo science and crack pot ideas.

2. Needs to some what fit in with the game.

3. Needs to be detailed. This one was detail but I have to say it any way.

So this means No SCI FI B movie science or Startrek or Starwars or any other Fiction movie involving tech that is possibly fake or just plan impossible. Feel Free to use your imagenation but try to keep it with in the possible realm of science REAL SCIENCE.

You help us alot if you follow these rules.