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Plymouth Starship 2 - Hard
« on: December 29, 2006, 02:36:52 PM »
Well did the Colony Builder II, Plymouth Starship on Hard on the way back from family for xmas in the car. Here is my guide.

The idea of this scenario is to launch stuff to space:
Evacuate 10000 units of Rare Metals to spacecraft
Evacuate 10000 units of Common Metals to spacecraft
Evacuate 10000 units of food to spacecraft
Evacuate 200 colonists to spacecraft

There is a Eden computer base on the map at the start and it builds a second base on the map near the start of the game. In hard mode the volcano erupts quicker than the Easy and Medium (I believe) but mainly the computer sends more and harder attacks.

The easiest way to win this colony game is to kill the computer bases before they get built up and are harder to kill. Doing this means you wont have constant attacks from both of the bases which killed me when I first played the mission. You need to get the 2bar common ore mine which is located in-between both of the bases. In my first try I got this up and running but had both bases attacking it. Then had to defend the 1 bar rare also. Then sent tigers vs my lynx and I died. Though it would be easier to just get rid of them first and then do the scenario objectives.

Kill computer
Get ore
Complete scenario objectives

When you start move your guys to the left and build your base near the 1 bar but build your mine on the 3 bar on the flood plain.

Picuters here.

Building order
Standard Lab
Vehicle Factory
Medi Center
Advanced Lab
Vehicle Factory

Research Training
Cyber Tele
Health Maintenance
Focused Microwave
Automated Diagnostic Examinations
Mobile Weapons Platform
Train 2 scientists
High Temperature Superconductivity
Heat Dissipation Systems
Train 2 scientists
Attack eden 2nd base
Independent Turret Power Systems
Train 4 scientists
Rare Ore Smelter
Build 2 Earthworkers
Move trucks away from your 3 bar and add another truck 2 your 1 bar
Common Ore Smelter
Get 2 miners for the new common and rare smelters
Space program
Train 4 scientists
Get more earthworkers and cargo trucks
Skydock etc (do space research)
Keep training scientists and doing the research until you are done.

Once your Vehicle factory is done get trucks, a miner then microwave until you have big enough army then get more trucks and miner and earhworkers and then idle them.

Idle your Arigdomes, Smelters, Structure and Vehicle factories when you donít need them. Keep your Tokamakís repaired.

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