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Countdown To Total Extinction
« on: October 05, 2006, 11:59:48 AM »
Countdown to Total Extinction - Intro

My name is Leonardo. Leonardo Silva. The most vivid memory of my life is when whe escaped from New Terra, a planet destined to be totally infected by Eden's worst creation. A Microbe. A Microbe called "The Blight". Eden created it to shape a "Atmosphere in our lifetime". To shape the perfect planet. To give New Terra's name a real meaning.

But something got wrong, and the Blight began a rampage through New Terra, destroying anything on it's path. Eden itself was the first victim, the colony that Eden built, they own homes, they lives, all of it was destroyed before they very eyes. They escaped, and would continue elsewhere, but the scene never would be forgotten. But the Blight was just beginning the rampage...

The Next victim was the splinter colony of Plymouth. Althrough the blight was far away from Plymouth, the efects of the microbe could be sensed everywhere.
Storms, Vortexes, and sismic activity.

Then, a Volcano erupted near Plymouth. The Plymouthers through that Mt. Goddard was inactive, as all other volcanoes of the planet. It really WAS. The Volcano did'nt awakened, it was ACTIVATED!

From there, both colonies where embroiled by a game of death, life and war.
After they found out that the Blight cannot be stoped, both colonies made efforts to escape from the Doomed planet, which eventually led the two forces to a war.
And while Humanity was at war once again, the Blight's Rampage through New Terra made the weather mad, more Volcanoes erupted, and New Terra was passing through a Asteroid Belt.

Eventually, both colonies managed to find a way to escape from Extinction.
I remeber the day we where evacuated from Plymouth. Everyone was rushing to go, for the blight was aproaching and none would be spared. Various of us died during the evacuation, and we didn't had space for all.

But I survived, along others from Plymouth. From there, we embarked on to a jorney on space. Our objectives, again, where finding the perfect planet to settle.
There should be some earth like planet somewhere on the universe...

... But we found no planet that resembled our old home. After years and years of search, we found ourselves near a big solar system. The Star was called Hyperion. It was a blue gigant star, a pretty big one. Around the Star, a Orange Star called Apollo-12 constantly swinged around the main star far away.

Somewhere on the stars, we decided to temporaly find a planet, let the Neo-Conestoga on the orbit, and them resume our search.

Unknowly, the Countdown to Total Extinction began in the exact moment we landed on this planet... And no one's going to be spared this time...

Here comes the SUPERNOVA SWARM!

<Upload the photo to the OPU servers please!!!!>

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Countdown To Total Extinction
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2006, 12:52:09 PM »
Yep. I liked it. Nice intro. The best is his name, Leonardo Silva, 100% brasileiro.

Keep it up. I wanna see the next chapter.


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Countdown To Total Extinction
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Savant Computer: Communications link established.
Skydock: This is Skydock Command. We have received your message.