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Newsletter 8
« on: February 18, 2006, 02:42:02 PM »
Newsletter 8

-Outpost 2 1.3.4
-Outpost: Renegades
-Outpost 3 Genesis
-Forum Topic's
-Forum Accounts


- Reunion

If your online this weekend reunion be sure to post here:

- Outpost 2 Version 1.3.4

You can download and check out the new version of Outpost 2 :). Keep your 1.3.3 folder and install 1.3.4 somewhere else. The current version of 1.3.4 has a few bugs to work out so we will be releasing the full version of 1.3.4 again with bug fixes within the next few weeks.

Bug reports / Tempory fixes for V1.3.4 Are here:

- Outpost: Renegades

Renegades mission pack 1 is now released. Thanks Eddy-B!

If you do find any bugs, we want to know about them.  Tell Eddy-B directly on IRC or post in the renegades section here:
Note: The game being too damn hard to complete isn't a bug, its meant to be the most challenging set of missions yet.  If you don't already know why, then just try to play the first mission on easy!

- Outpost 3 Genesis

There will be a update on Outpost 3 Genesis this weekend.

- Forum Topic's

Here are some threads that we would like you to post on :D

Room/Workstation Pictures

Comp Pics

Your first time playing OP2

Your skills

Can you help? - OPU Servers

- Irc

IRC rules are now up on the site.
Also the new version of the OPU IRC download is on the site.

- Hamachi

A note to Hamachi users. Please leave the network you have joined after you have finished playing. This mainly applys to the first network. I suggest reguler ham players join the 3rd network: outpostuniverse.net_2 . Each network has a limit, you wont get booted from the 3rd network unless it gets full. Thanks.

- Forum Accounts

We have and will be removing old accounts from the forum. Make sure you have posted.

- End

Well until next time, keep playing Outpost 2 and posting on the forums! See you on IRC! Check forums for latest news and updates!
Hope to see you at the reunion this weekend!

- The Outpost Universe Team
IRC: #Outpost2 @
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