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An Advancement In Op2 Mission
« on: July 08, 2003, 05:22:27 PM »
Okay. Today I successfully compiled the first Outpost 2 Import Library that was not built by Dynamix.

What this means is, I now have a file that tells about the exported functions from OP2. Which means, I can begin the *attempt* to write Outpost 2 DLL's from scratch using MS Visual C++.

Note: I do not plan to release the library to the masses, yet, because of the following reasons:
A) It is proprietary, and took hours of work to construct.
B) You must have a very strong technical background to be able to use it, and must have a very good understanding of how Outpost 2 works.
C) It is buggy, considering as of now, no one really knows the method to writing missions.
Debugging is a pain to do, because of the way the OP2 script architecture is.

I plan to design a mission editor that takes simple script input and transforms it into C++ code, which is then compiled into the final DLL.
-- op2hacker
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