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Newsletter 6.5
« on: January 18, 2006, 03:28:48 PM »
Newsletter 6.5

- Reunion Date Set
- Reunion?
- Newsletter 6
- End

- Reunion Date Set

The voting is now over and the reunion date is set for February 17th - 19th. We hope everyone can make it online for some or all of the time over this weekend.

The reunion releases will include:
- Outpost 2 Update (New version of Outpost 2, version 1.3.4)
- First 4 missions for Outpost: Renegades, a new single-player campaign for Outpost 2.
- More Outpost 3: Genesis info and screenshots.
- Anything else that gets submitted in time :)
- And more.

If you still have things to submit for the reunion, for example, maps or something else, we need them by February 11th at the very latest.

Over the reunion we hope that many Outpost 2 games will be played :) To get yourself set up to play Outpost 2 online check here -

If you haven't already been on our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels (chat rooms) that's where the reunion is being held and where gaming takes place. You need an IRC client to get there, we have downloads on our site, so just go here and download -

- Reunion?

To answer the question 'What is an Outpost Universe reunion?' It is a event where we release a major update to Outpost 2 along with other people releasing new projects and updates. Also we play much more Outpost 2 than we normally do on IRC. So come along and have fun! :)

We have had 4 reunions before, our first one was in June 2004. The last one was in January 2005.

- Newsletter 6

If you didn't read our last newsletter it can be found @

- End

Well until next time, keep playing Outpost 2 and posting on the forums! See you on IRC! Check forums for latest news and updates!
Hope to see you at the reunion!

- The Outpost Universe Team
IRC: #Outpost2 @
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