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« on: October 28, 2005, 10:04:51 AM »
the contest is to make a colony game with the player being plymoth.
If you have an Distasters you will make 300 ore for your prize.
And if you have a AI that fights and controls a base you will get 500 ore
and if you have both you will get a large one lump some of 600 ore!

And you will also get a cool icon next to your name showing the world of OP2 that you won

Rules: the player must be plymoth, You must have a good size map. No little tiny maps!

The winner will be the one who submits the better colony game or if only one person enters they will be the winner.
Before entering this contest the person entering must consent to allowing his colony game to be added the the colony game pack I am making. Full credit will be given to you in the pack.

E-mail all entrys too spirit1flyer@ without the space
Just mark them with OP2 so I know its not spam

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