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Gamers List
« on: October 02, 2005, 09:36:38 AM »
I'm updating all the gamers list info.
I shall be contacting every1 on the gamers list by PM to keep this all organised.
The following list is what i need. I have most of it off everyone already, but some of the stuff needs checking and updating.

I would prefer you to PM the information, so i'm locking this thread

The Gamers list in action is at:

Yes i know all the pictures are messed up, i shall sort this soon.

All data is optional, and if you ever want it removing please just PM me or talk to an op in IRC.

Gamer Name:
E-mail Address:
Activity state:
Location (city/state/province/etc):
Preferred op2 playing Color:
Started Playing when:
Custom Comment:
Website URL:
Birthdate (DD|MM|YYYY):
Time Zone offset from GMT (GMT=0, numeric):
Connection Speed (down/up type):
Can play normal online? (y/n)
Can play via Hamachi? (y/n)


Gamer Name: Mez
Forum Name (if differnt to gamer name): mezza
E-mail Address:
Activity state: semi-active
Country: UK (England)
Location (city/state/province/etc): Wirral (near Liverpool)
Preferred playing Color: Red
Started Playing when: 97/98
Custom Comment: Come kick my ass at op2 on IRC,
come one im not that hard!

Website URL:
Birthdate (DD|MM|YYYY): 30/07/1988
Time Zone offset from GMT (GMT=0, numeric): 0
Connection Speed (down/up type): 1024/256 ADSL
Can play normal online? (y/n) yes
Can play via Hamachi? (y/n) yes