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Newsletter 5
« on: August 09, 2005, 09:10:28 PM »
Newsletter 5

- More Gamers
- Community Projects
- OP2 Coding Contest
- Inactive Forum Users
- Hamachi
- IRC Client Update
- Gamers List
- Wiki
- Folding @ Home
- End

More Gamers

There has been more gamers and users on irc than ever. Outpost 2 really is improving. Many more people are playing it than ever before in the IRC channels' history. Just take a look at the gamers list on our site! When Leviathan first came to the forums there were no multiplayer gamers at all!

Community Projects

Outpost 2 Greenworld V0.7 is now out, it's a new tile set for Outpost 2. The download you can find on the site includes 3 multiplayer maps on the greenworld tileset. The OPU Tool has now been released in its version 1 release. This is the second release of the Tool by Leeor. OP2Mapper 2, Alpha 2 has been released, with many many new features and bugfixes! This is the second public release of the Mapper 2 by op2hacker. Also Outpost: Renegades is currently in a beta stage 0.4 and Outpost MIA is on hold. Be sure to post questions and suggestions.

Outpost 2 Coding Contest

The first OPU coding contest has been going for a while. If you still want to submit a mission to it, read the forums for more info, but do be aware the deadline is August 10th, so time is nearly up.

Inactive Forum Users

If you are a current forum member, please log in and update your account settings like e-mail address, and also do some posting. Again, we are trying to neaten up the forums and user list. If you hardly ever use the forums, or just lurk but don't post, please take some time to tell us that you are active by posting or sending a message to one of the admins or GMs, to ensure that you do not get deleted.


Since gamers have been using Hamachi to play Outpost 2 it has allowed more players to play. Just a reminder to all Hamachi users (which is most of you) please leave the network when you go offline. If you don't do this you still count as being part of the network even when you are offline, meaning someone else can't use that spot. There is a 12 user limit. Likewise, please be on IRC when you're in Hamachi. People who are in Hamachi but not on IRC will be evicted from the network.

IRC Client Update

The mIRC 6.16 and NoName Script 3.81 package on the site has now been updated to fix the problem with geting g-lined from QuakeNet. Please redownload the script if you have the problem and delete your old script.

Gamers List

If you need any info updating on the gamers list please pm Leviathan or op2hacker.

We now have a wiki which all users can help out with. To get a Wiki account please contact op2hacker or Leviathan. Visit We realy need every to help out create the wiki, there is a lot to do, so please help out how you can, ask op2hacker or Leviathan for how you can help.

Folding @ Home

Folding @ Home is a distributed project for cancer research, much like SETI @ Home. We at the OPU have formed a team and want to get more people involved in this project! Visit our team page at:
You can download the program from the links there.
For more information on the OPU's effort for this project, see the thread:
To join our team you need to install a Folding @ Home client on your computer and then join the team.


Well until next time, keep playing Outpost 2 and posting on the forums! See you on IRC! Check forums and IRC for latest news and updates!
- The Outpost Universe Team
IRC: #Outpost2 @
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