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« on: July 03, 2005, 05:38:34 PM »
Just found this intresting mirc DLL project. Not that anyone will probly be intrested. Most of us use NNS which has these features.

What is DarkEngine?
A dynamic link library (dll) that enables mirc to obtain system information from the host computer. DarkEngine has been coded primarily in C++ and uses ASM for some very low level functions. DarkEngine is the underlying foundations in many scripts currently released publically. DarkEngine is distributed on bundled with its own non obstrusive script, however, an SDK is available for scripters interesting in designing their own script interface. The darkengine library is a 4+ year work in progress that continues to progress today and holds the position of being the most comprehensive and accurate system information dll available at the present, exporting an astounding 84 functions. DarkEngine is freeware when used non-commercially, however, commercial users must obtain explicit permission before including darkengine in any works.

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Wait, so what is this for again? I kind of didn't get that quote very well.
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basicly you can know everything about everyone with that if i understand well

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