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Ta Spring
« on: June 17, 2005, 07:06:25 AM »
As i search thru the web for stuff i come across all sorts of projects that i like the look of. I found this one a while back and as i went to a TA website today ive seen that its at a genral release stage now, so i went to the Spring website and found out that the project is open source. This would be great to use if someone was to make a 3D OP2 project.

It uses the 3d models from the TA game its self, so all the TA units (and new ones) work in it, if new models were to be made, they could be made for TA (ive allways wanted lynx in TA) and used in Spring.

If you dont know what TA is, its Total Annihilation, a RTS game and TA Spring is a RTS game engine.

Personaly i think its the first promising possible 3D project for a OP game.
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