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Volcano Animation
« on: May 01, 2005, 04:57:27 PM »
i have made some funcs to animate volcanos and stop the animation:

void SouthEastFlowAni ( int x, int y)
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y), 0x489);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y+1), 0x4A0);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y+1), 0x4AB);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y), 0x494);
void SouthFlowAni( int x, int y)
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y), 0x474);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y+1), 0x47E);

void SouthWestFlowAni ( int x, int y)
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y), 0x453);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y), 0x447);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y+1), 0x45E);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y+1), 0x469);

void SouthEastFlowStopAni ( int x, int y)
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y), 0x490);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y+1), 0x4A8);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y+1), 0x4B2);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y), 0x49C);
void SouthFlowStopAni( int x, int y)
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y), 0x47B);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y+1), 0x486);

void SouthWestFlowStopAni ( int x, int y)
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y), 0x45A);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y), 0x44F);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x, y+1), 0x465);
   GameMap::SetTile(LOCATION(x+1, y+1), 0x470);
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