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Newsletter 1
« on: April 06, 2005, 06:51:49 PM »
Newsletter 1

Welcome to the first of many newsletters from the Outpost Universe. We hope to bring you these at least once a month. They will serve as a round up of news, infomation and goings on in our community. Whether you're new or old to the Outpost games, without members there's no community. So keep enjoying the games we love! (Mainly Outpost 2 of course :))

- New Domain and Site
- Forums & Poll
- Gamers List
- World Domination
- IRC Client Update
- Outpost 2 Coding/Programming
- Community Projects
- Outpost Download
- Help Wanted
- End

New Domain and Site

We have found our new home at! We hope for all content and Outpost related sites to be found on our domain. The forums have also been moved there. The site has been redone and more content is being added to it, so check it out.

Forums & Poll

You can find the forums at We have decided to add a new Global Moderator to help out, so please vote for who you think can do the best. Find the poll under 'Forum > Feedback/Suggestions/Problems/General' section. Also we have added a selection of new skins for you to choose from. It's time to stop using dull skins! Find your favourite by going to 'My Controls > Skin and Languages'. If you think we can do any more improvement at the forums please tell us by posting.
We also ask of your help on the forums. If you are a current forum member, please log in and update your account settings like e-mail address, and also do some posting. We are currently cleaning up the forums and deleting old accounts which are never used (never used meaning, we can't contact them or they have 0 posts). If you hardly ever use the forums, or just lurk but don't post, please take some time to tell us that you are active by posting or sending a message, or even just logging in to avoid being accidently deleted.

Gamers List

This is a list on our site for the players of Outpost 2, if you play, you should be on our list. We require this information from players so we can add you: Location, Country, Favorite/Preferred Outpost 2 color for multiplayer, When you started playing Outpost 2, Age, Connection Speed, Any Comments, Home page and an avatar if you have a personal one.

World Domination

This is an ongoing Outpost 2 tournament between teams of players to take over New Terra. We have just launched this and we hope all games, if possible played on IRC can be World Domination games. We hope you enjoy Outpost 2 even more, fighting for your team. Check out the site at -

IRC Client Update

The IRC download we provide has been updated to include mIRC 6.16 and NoName Script 3.81. If you currently have IRC please update to this new version, if you don't have IRC you should get it and come us join in the Outpost 2 fun :)) Games are held every day, so what are you waiting for! Also about IRC, its great to see more activity there than there evea was.

Outpost 2 Coding/Programming

We are very happy that many more people have become interested in creating their own missions for Outpost 2. There has been an update to the Outpost 2 Software Development Kit which is making it easier for people to learn how to program their own missions. If you have no programming experience, don't be turned off by it, mission programming is easier than you think, why not give it a go. We're all around to help you out and get you into it.

Community Projects

Outpost: Missing in Action (an Outpost 1 remake) is going very well and we're looking for a demo sample from Leeor. Coding on Outpost: Renegades (a new Outpost 2 single player campaign) has been resumed by Eddy-B and is going great, he's got lots of help from beta testers to make his missions perfect. We just cant wait for a public release for all to see and play. We are sad to hear that Outpost 3: Alien Worlds (a new Outpost game) has been stopped, the team can no longer work on it. And now, the OP2Mapper, version 2 is underway, which will allow you to make nicer Outpost 2 maps without all the bugs and problems of version 1. Also there are other smaller projects going on, like new maps being coded and created. For one, a multiplayer map where you have a Basic Lab has been done by Haxtor, and there's always more :)) And finally work resumes on Outpost 3: The Final Chapter (a new Outpost game) as we get another update.

Outpost Download

The Outpost 1 download is now available for easy download from our site, it is 200MB. And also as always you can get Outpost 2 for just 13MB from the site, get your friends interested :) Also check out the getting online guide so you can play multiplayer with us.

Help Wanted

We're looking for more people to help us out with the website, Outpost 2 mission coding and anything else you can offer. Also we would like to hear what people have to say and how they think things should be run in order to create an even better community.


We are hoping to hold another Outpost 2 reunion in the future and release a new Outpost 2 update with new maps and fixes. Stay tuned.

Well until next time, keep playing Outpost 2 and posting on the forums!
- The Outpost Universe Team
IRC: #Outpost2 @