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IRC log: Plymoth45
« on: March 27, 2005, 05:33:05 AM »
Donno if you wanna read or not, but ill post..

(22:40:05) (OPU|Leviathan) i havnt realy talked with you
(22:40:06) (OPU|Leviathan) We are: PlayingOP, LastElderOfEden, Duo, spirit1flyer, Plymoth45, 'Commander' Drakmar, 'xdarkinsidex' CK9, Baikon, Kiith Somtaaw
(22:40:12) (OPU|Leviathan) i c ur there
(22:40:31) (OPU|Leviathan) i understand ppl r anoyed at us
(22:40:35) (Plymoth45) yes, you guys kinda ticked me off
(22:40:41) (Plymoth45) your i'm ok with now
(22:40:43) (Plymoth45) you*
(22:40:50) (Plymoth45) but i'm still a little ticked off at hacker
(22:41:24) (OPU|Leviathan) there is no reason u shoudlnt be ticked of at both of us. we knew people would be. but that didnt stop us moving the forums
(22:41:44) (OPU|Leviathan) we realy think people have the wrong idea of us
(22:41:55) (OPU|Leviathan) wrong idea about us *
(22:42:15) (OPU|Leviathan) we clearly dont want people to leave the forums.
(22:42:55) (Plymoth45) Like i said, i'm ok with you, but hacker still has me mad. For a time i was considering clearing my account on the OUF and leaving completely, but i refrained.
(22:43:06) (OPU|Leviathan) yes
(22:43:14) (OPU|Leviathan) i cant understnad y anyone whould do that..
(22:43:20) (OPU|Leviathan) why were u thinking of doing it?
(22:44:03) (Plymoth45) Just too much crap going on and i didn't want to be a part of the fighting. I have enough of that in HVK and other things. OPU is usually a place where i can relax and be among friends.
(22:45:12) (OPU|Leviathan) u would leave the forums cuz u didn't want to be a part of the fighting
(22:45:21) (OPU|Leviathan) if u didn't want to be a part of the fighting, dont post in the arguments..
(22:45:46) (OPU|Leviathan) just keep going on like it was the same forum, only moved to a diff url..
(22:45:57) (Plymoth45) I would have gotten involved one way or another. I sitll refrained from leaving, OP2 is too good a game to throw out the window
(22:46:42) (OPU|Leviathan) its their choice 4 ppl 2 leave the forums, but its not logicial. it just damages the community, less people aint good.
(22:47:06) (Plymoth45) i know
(22:47:57) (OPU|Leviathan) also
(22:48:38) (OPU|Leviathan) the people who are on PlayingOP's list didnt help to keep the forums active realy. but there ready to post when we piss em off.
(22:49:16) (OPU|Leviathan) and the thing of people not trusting us. what do people think we are going to do exactily?
(22:49:21) (Plymoth45) >_< you saying a didn't help to keep the forums active?
(22:49:43) (Plymoth45) It isn't that i don't trust you guys. It is that i'm unsure of hacker's intentions.
(22:50:07) (OPU|Leviathan) no, just genraly. u have done well at the forums, but before my time realy, u got lots of posts.
(22:50:29) (OPU|Leviathan) baiklon, Drakmar etc hav said that we have lost there trust
(22:50:38) (OPU|Leviathan) what do people think we are going to do exactily?
(22:50:54) (OPU|Leviathan) we betrayed xfirs trust clearly.
(22:51:46) (OPU|Leviathan) they dont trust us to what?
(22:51:49) (OPU|Leviathan) :(
(22:51:56) (OPU|Leviathan) hacker's intentions? what do you think he is gonna do lol? his intentions and mine are the same.
(22:53:00) (Plymoth45) The thing is, when you guys just pulled control away from x, it didn't sit right with a lot of us and we fail to see why it is justified. I don't trust hacker much because of this, though you have regained that trust through what i have seen happening.
(22:53:23) (Plymoth45) Hacker has done Jack Squat compared to you to help the comunity via the forums
(22:53:35) (OPU|Leviathan) hacker just cba 2 post as much, nor can he
(22:53:43) (OPU|Leviathan) i have been forum camping all week
(22:53:50) (OPU|Leviathan) i chose not to go2 college all week also
(22:54:24) (Plymoth45) hmm
(22:54:26) (OPU|Leviathan) i hav been online all week , so ive chose 2 reply to peoples posts.
(22:54:37) (Plymoth45) thats not smart you know not going to school unless your on vacation
(22:55:06) (OPU|Leviathan) im miles away from u, we live in different worlds so dont worry about it.
(22:55:48) (Plymoth45) true
(22:55:53) (OPU|Leviathan) hacker and i both do lots for the forums and community. he has done more than me in many ways. he can sort codeing side of it etc.
(22:57:04) (OPU|Leviathan) we want to fix this mess howevea we can. its not right the community being seprated.
(22:57:15) (Plymoth45) no it isn't
(22:58:13) (OPU|Leviathan) no what isnt?
(22:58:26) (Plymoth45) the community being seperated
(22:58:49) (OPU|Leviathan) ah. yes :) so help me if u can..
(22:59:35) (Plymoth45) There isn't much that I can do to help. X isn't going to do anything so you guys can quit worrying about him, so Hacker can quit being paranoid about him
(23:00:13) (OPU|Leviathan) and 'lot of us and we fail to see why it is justified'. well removeing xfir aint justified, but the forum move, we can now have the chanch to expand it. one person shouldnt be in control of it.
(23:00:28) (OPU|Leviathan) Hacker or I are not paranoid about him.
(23:00:58) (Plymoth45) according to the discussion logs on xfir's forums Hacker is paranoid.
(23:01:28) (OPU|Leviathan) what will justifie the move to you, and to you guys?
(23:02:08) (Plymoth45) To me, it would justify it if x had been abusing his powers, which to my knowledge he was not
(23:03:00) (OPU|Leviathan) xfir was not abusing his powers. he was not leting us do what we wanted to try and help the forums, im refering to expanding the forums with new topics/sections.
(23:03:43) (OPU|Leviathan) xfir did close some topics he shouldnt hav, removed Phantom tho he shouldnt of. tho i dont think xfir did any thing real bad at the forums.
(23:04:09) (Plymoth45) I can see why you guys wanted to, but i feel you guys should have given us some concent before doing any such thing
(23:04:33) (OPU|Leviathan) like ive said on the forums: how the hell could we ask everyone before we did it ?
(23:04:58) (OPU|Leviathan) we were unable to, imo
(23:05:08) (OPU|Leviathan) we had to just go with it
(23:05:52) (OPU|Leviathan) :(
(23:05:57) (Plymoth45) well you could have consulted with a few more people then you did, or PMed a few people in mass
(23:06:54) (OPU|Leviathan) prepaps we could of asked more people, but not a mass ask or to anyone who would tell xfir about our plans..
(23:07:22) (Plymoth45) well still, you could have asked a few more people then you did
(23:08:08) (OPU|Leviathan) we got the impression from people on irc that it would be a good idea
(23:08:42) (OPU|Leviathan) we went prepared to ask that many people. but yes prepaps we could of asked more people. whats done is done.
(23:09:11) (OPU|Leviathan) :(
(23:09:45) (OPU|Leviathan) will improments at the forum not justifie the move?
(23:10:15) (Plymoth45) yes, unfortunantly what is done is done. Can't be fixed in that way. The move i don't care about anymore now that this is straightened out. Improvments would be nice yes
(23:10:51) (OPU|Leviathan) thats one of the main reasons we did it. so there are no limits being placed there by xfir.
(23:13:00) (OPU|Leviathan) weather we like xfir or not, weather we liked the actions he has taken or not, it dosnt matter. the fact is the forums are more free to expand now he does not have the say of what goes on.
(23:13:54) (OPU|Leviathan) everyone should have the say of what goes on with every aspect of the community. agree?
(23:20:17) (Plymoth45) Yes, it should be more democratic then it was
(23:20:37) (OPU|Leviathan) im glad you know what your talking about
(23:21:00) (OPU|Leviathan) how is xfir controling what goes on at forums democratic ?
(23:21:30) (Plymoth45) it really wasn't, except for the small bit that was isolated to the OPU team, though what was going on in there i have no idea as i'm not part of the OPU team
(23:23:11) (OPU|Leviathan) opu team forums is us brainstorming ideas etc.
(23:23:23) (OPU|Leviathan) democratic is about geting every one involved
(23:23:30) (Plymoth45) i know that
(23:23:45) (Plymoth45) it wasn't very democratic, but i don't see why it mattered when we had IRC
(23:23:48) (Plymoth45) have*
(23:24:39) (OPU|Leviathan) its matters a lot
(23:25:01) (OPU|Leviathan) every aspect of the community everyone should have their say
(23:25:49) (OPU|Leviathan) but thx for talking to me...
(23:25:57) (OPU|Leviathan) why are u on xfirs side if u think we can do better than him?
(23:26:17) (Plymoth45) OPU|Leviathan, everyone has certain qualities
(23:27:19) (OPU|Leviathan) ..
(23:27:49) (OPU|Leviathan) why are u on xfirs side? which u hav stated u are by geting ur name in P.O's sig.
(23:29:15) (OPU|Leviathan) u just said u we can do better by leting forum control be democratic
(23:41:27) (Plymoth45) I'm not siding with anyone really. PO just asked me if he could put my name in his sig and i told him he could if he wanted to
(23:41:39) (OPU|Leviathan) ok
(23:41:57) (OPU|Leviathan) PO's sig is sposed 2 be the people with xfir, and against us.
(23:43:03) (Plymoth45) i'm not against anyone
(23:43:11) (Plymoth45) i'm the neutral guy here
(23:43:34) (OPU|Leviathan) good
(23:43:41) (OPU|Leviathan) get PO 2 remove your name then?
(23:44:17) (Plymoth45) i suppose that i could 'try'
(23:44:42) (OPU|Leviathan) thx.
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IRC log: Plymoth45
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2005, 02:17:54 PM »

Well, at least you cleared it up for him.

I think he's ready to support us now (why would he use an account on our site if that wasn't the case?)

It seems the forum move threads are dying down now. I'd suggest that we avoid posting in them, that way people won't revive them to life again..

Once people put the move, etc behind them everything will become normal. How do I know this? the same thing happened in the last big move with killer. people split to OPC for awhile but slowly came back to one forum, that being xfir's, and the community united after that.
I think the same thing will happen again here.

oh yeah: what is it with everyone not knowing my intentions? like you said lev i cba to post sometimes, or am too busy to do it, (or am simply in school)

if my intention was to bring down this place I wouldn't have copied the forum db and whatnot, or reinstalled everything here. but because I am devoted to making the best of op2 I wanted to do all that.

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IRC log: Plymoth45
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2005, 04:45:43 PM »
ive spend a lot of time talking to people

weather they get pissed of with me or agree i donno. i still try.