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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Thanks =)

Sorry there haven't been any adding's for the past few months, things have been hectic around the house and I've ran into a writer's block for this particuler story (doing just fine on my other 45 storys, but this one for some reason has me stomped now)

I'll see about smashing the writers block and getting back to it *sighs*

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Yup. I just sat down, took an hour and read the entire thing. This was really good. I can't wait for more!

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Just an update:

Got started back on this story a couple days ago, had to re-read my whole thing so understand what I was doing again hehe

Can't gurrentee an expected date since I'm in and out of my house more than I was when I first started this story

And yes I know I left you all at a cliff hanger  :P


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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Great to have a update and see you. Hope your be at the reunion :)

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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The long awaited continuation has started! After listening to this track: Yes - Homeworld (The Ladder) I've found my imspiration to keep wrting   (thumbsup)

ENJOY!!!  :lol:

Chapter 12

Two months.... thats how long it has taken to create this new barrier... two months..

I had been monitoring the construction of the shield generators that we where building underground, thanks to new engineering technology's we could now build underground a lot easier than before

This, of course, had it's draw backs. Eden had landed several squads of troops and where already trying to drill under the shield wall, we had only a few days to go before they succeeded

Although I'll NEVER let them into the base, we had to few people remaining, about 875, all adults, of the children we had an abundant of, about 1000 children, give or take a hundred or so, it was strange how all the females suddenly had a birth spurt after the attack, man, I felt sorry for the hospital's, they had been swarmed over the past few weeks after the attack

Although most of those children where not only 8 months old, maybe less, I still felt sorry for them, they where being born into a world full of hell! Why did god want them to come here?.... god..... huh... if god existed he wouldn't let this happen

"Kat?" Came a little girls voice from behind me, I turned around and saw that it was Hikowa. "Yes?"

"Here's the report you wanted." Hikowa said while handing the data pad to me. I clicked it on and checked it. "Still need some rare ores... tell those miners to hurry the process up, if they have to, take some ore transports from the common ore and geo mines to the rare ore mines."

"Yes Sir!" Hikowa saluted me and then ran off. I still couldn't get it out of my mind that she was just a child and yet she knew so much about the mineral we used, she was one of the smartest children on the base, and perhaps, the most important. I had put in a special request to have her designated as a 'VIP' or ‘Very Important Person’ and with that came a heavy guard for her, in the event of an evacuation she, along with myself and the rest of the defense team, would be evacuated first

I took my seat in front of the barrier controls and checked the power output. "45% so far, looks like they got the solar power plants up and running, without the need of a solar satellite to. Hot Damn!" I smiled. "Those boys in engineering are doing there job well." I said and switched to another camera, this one showed the activity outside the shield dome. "Eden still waits," I said and watched the numerous Thor tigers that rolled across the terrain, including a few lynx EMP and even fewer acid puma's. "Eden's stepped up it's armor research, never seen THAT vehicle before." I said and looked at an odd vehicle that was rolling toward the barrier

On its chassis was what appeared to be two gigantic rail guns, they had coil's around them that burned a hot blue color, and seemed to be constantly charged and ready to fire. I just hoped it wasn't at us, but that was wishful thinking

This is Space Pad One, our RLV is ready to launch.
Roger, is the cloaking device stable?
At the moment it is, it'll decloak when it get' behind Laveron XI
Good... order it's crew to recloak when coming back.
Yes Sir

I had the comm. line open so I could listen to the chatter, so, the cloaking device that the research boy's had been working on for years has finally been perfected and is now able to be used to cloak out RLV. I switched two Space Pad One camera and smiled, the rocket was shimmering against the light on the pad, was it cloaked? Yep.. sure enough.. the shimmering was indeed being caused by the Morris Effect, as the scientists called it, that the cloaking drive gives off.

We have lift off!

I watched as the rocket's engines ignited and the massive RLV lifted off the pad, now was the moment of truth, would its cloak allow it go through the barrier, or would we lose the 20,000 units of Rare and Obsiben ore that was inside it. The answer came thirty seconds later when it cleared the barrier and went into space; a loud cheer could be heard all over the command center, including myself. "Hot Damn! It worked!" I yelled and applauded the successful launch

ground crews, get an EMP rocket ready for launch, time to annoy the Eden
Yes sir

Sir! Underground barrier generator is online now, it's ready for a test

That was my cue. My moved my chair over to another control panel and checked it's power reading. "60%, that'll have to due." I said and typed in the command, I listened to the chatter

Generator is coming online, heat is at 190 Celvin and rising, 200.... 500.... 1200.... 1500... it's ready!

A grin formed on my face and I hit the activation key, we all heard it, a buzz that vibrated through the mountain, and apparently so did the Eden, because those troops on the camera scrambled. That massive unknown vehicle also turned its turret and aimed it at the ground, it wasn't until I recognize one of it's components is when I finally knew what it was. "s***!"

It came to fast for me to warn them, the beam cut through the ground like a super hot knife through butter it bisected the generator slicing it in half, thankfully the liquid was created differently from the Tokomak’s, so it didn't overload, instead it oozed out and onto the ground that had been cleared. The scientist's and engineer's scrambled from the coolant and boarded the elevator

Warning! Eden troops have been detected entering the tunnel!

A camera to my upper right switched and showed Eden Crack Troops entering one of the tunnels that that massive vehicle had created. I turned in my chair. "Shunt all power from the Factories and Mineral labs to the laser grid!" I yelled

"Yes Sir!"

"On it Sir!"

Two tech's yelled and turned back toward there stations, I watched again as the power grid switched over from commercial to defense, and the laser grid came online, slicing the eden troops in half and killing them where ever they stood. Of course that lasted until Eden Lynx Thor's entered the tunnel’s and turned our laser's into liquid slag

"Blast them!" I yelled and put my heat set on. "Squad's 1 and 8, we have Eden Thors in the mining tunnels! INTERCEPT!"

Roger Ground Command

I turned back and to another panel. "Capture Squad! Do what you do best, EMP and take over!"

With Pleasure!

Once again I turned to yet another panel. "Squad 5, continue monitoring the air for any signs of Eden bombers, if they somehow get through the barrier, take them out!"

Roger Air Command!

I sighed and laid back in my chair, “no time to relax" I said to myself and straightened back up. "Give me a troop count!"

"Eden is sending in about a wave of troops every five minutes, that’s twenty soldiers each... ummm.... for vehicles it looks like they can only send in one at a time." A tech yelled

"Very Well." Hikowa said as she came back in and hopped over the railing. "Send a squad of Capture Units to intercept them, if they are EMPed they can't move through the tunnel, and thus, it'll be harder for them to invade the base." She said and looked away

A smile creased my dirty face, how surprising for her to be giving orders, especially considering I'm the one in command... oh well... it seemed they didn't look at me for clarification so I didn't mind it at all

The underground battle lasted a lot longer than I had wanted. Over the past four hours we had disabled and captured well over a hundred Eden units, thank god they where run by computers, we didn't have to deal with troops. The troopers them selves where being meet by our Scorpion MK 6's, who where armed with the new 'O’Brien Laser', named after the scientist who created it, it was a laser created using the new ore we discovered several months ago, it was quite deadly against almost anything, but it was extremely lethal against flesh

The weapon itself was housed in a small chamber that could be carried by a person, but due to the heat, it was instead put on a scorpion thanks to there heat dispersion system, when the laser was fired it would scorch the air between it and where ever it was heading, making it suicide to approach

Against flesh and bones it would turn the person into ashes and it worked well in that role, but thankfully the defense team was a little more 'human' in that area, so instead they used traditional projectile weapons against soldiers, and the laser against vehicles, let the enemy leave and perhaps they'll reconsider

Although that wasn't always the case, in this sense, Eden had been putting so much man power into this attack that they left there main frame open to hacking, both Hikowa and myself did a damn fine job downloading there research, at least until someone FINALLY noticed a strange surge in there power grid. We had used there own power grid to piggy back our signal, the AI was never the wiser and let us in like we where regular Eden AI

What we got back was astronomical!
What we also found was extremely frightening... and changed the whole outlook of this war

To be Continued
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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Wow. Now this is a cliff hanger! Incredible job on this! It's truly amazing. Keep on going, since this is an excellent piece of OP storywork. *cheers*
Wannabe Novelist, Drawer, Anime Style, and all-around creative insane person. I also like to study tactics... but RTC games aren't exactly easy to watch for such things... we don't actually think as much as we should, and that's why I love TBS games. However, that doesn't mean I don't like RTCs!

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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I enjoyed it, greatly no less!

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Chapter 13[/b]

So... there I was... in the command center staring at the screen information strolled down until it finally stopped at a line of text that sent shivers down my spine

"There... that line!" I placed my finger on the screen

The following is classified information related to top secret research going at the Advanced Research lab located on Laveron's Moon 'Eclipse'

Location: Eden Forward Base
Priority: Red
From: Lt. Commander Basten
To: Eden High Command
Subject: Blight Research

///Important research has been done in the effort to control the Blight
///We have successfully found a way to 'steer' the blight to area's we want
///and to make it so that it won't go into other areas. The commander at that
///plymouth base has been kind enough to hand over some research related to
///Blight Resistance walls, we can only hope this'll help us in our research

I shook my head, that wasn't what caught my attention so I scrolled down some more

Bio-engineering research
Blight Effective Weaponry
Blight Delivery Package
Blight Damage Package

That’s when the red-alert from the AI came on

Warning, unknown research detected! High Lighting fields!
>Blight Effective Weaponry<
>Blight Delivery Package<
>Blight Damage Package<

"Lighting fields from least important to important." The AI announced and the screen changed

>Blight Effective Weaponry<
>Blight Damage Package<
>Blight Delivery Package<

I sighed and clasped my hands. "So... Eden's been working on a way to create a blight missile." my hands trembled slightly at the thought of them being capable of controlling such a devastating weapon. "How could they possibly bring themselves to harnessing a virus THEY created?"

Hikowa looked slightly frightened, but then again, so was everyone in that command center. Even our commander was disturbed at what we had found. "Keep looking through there data." He said and walked away

"As you wish." Was my reply. I glanced once more at the monitor which showed the action in the tunnels, or rather, lack there of. Eden had finally given up and left the tunnels, we had captured so many of there lynx's, a few puma's, and one tiger, that they apparently didn't want to risk any more altercations

That was fine by me. The more they left us alone, the more time we had to think up of a battle plan, and man did we need one. I decided it was about time for me to take my break and gestured to Hikowa, who followed me as I left the command center and made my way to the residential wing

The doors parted and we found our selves in the cafeteria, we walked around and to one of the tables and sat down. "This is a hectic day." I said and rested my hand on the table, while placing the other on my neck, rubbing it in the process. "Eden's been bold lately."

"Perhaps." Hikowa said. "Maybe we should consider evacuating the planet?"

I had already thought of that. This base was only a mining base, but over the past eight months we had turned it into something much better, and bigger, it was now a fully functional base with its own vehicle factories and spider facilities. "We could do that-" I stated "-However we don't have enough people to fully setup a base on another planet."

"What about the northwest crater? Eden hasn't set up a base there." Hikowa suggested

I thought about it. "That crater is a good four day drive from here." I collapsed my hands. "But the mountains around the crater are very high and well sealed; the blight won't be able to get there." After some more thought I shook my head. "We don't have the resources just yet to do that." I sighed and rested my hand on my hands. "How about we do this instead. Increase the amount of extractors we have, hopefully we can big up some more resources to use."

"You can." Hikowa said and got up. "Mind If I head out and see what they can do?" she asked. "Please do." I answered and got up. The two of us soon left the cafeteria and headed toward one of the interlink tubes. "I'll meet up with you in the garage later tonight for a report." I said

She nodded and went down the south tube, while I took off in the east tube. I made my way to the garage, where one of my scouts was waiting. I hoped into the cab and turned it on, I ran my hand over the various panels. "They did a good job cleaning her up." I said and flipped a switch. The engine rumbled and came to life, the scout was now alive with a shaking hull, and letting people in the garage know it was active

I checked the data banks and was glad to find that they had been purged of all information. "Looks like we can start filling them up again." I moved my hand over to another panel and checked the information relay package. "Still good." I then checked another console and nodded when the shield arrays where ok

For thirty minutes I waited until Hikowa came back. "They said they would build three extractors for common, two more for rare and only one for Obsiden. They can't really build anymore than that without possibly destroying the faults."

"That’s fine." I said and gestured to the sensor seat behind me. "Lets head out and see if we can find out what Eden is up to."

"Ok!" Hikowa said

There was going to be a “To be continued” But I felt like doing something nasty >=)

We had driven out of the base sometime the next morning, and rounded a hill leading away from the base itself. The drive was uneventful except for the occasional ground shake that would occur from all the mining that took place underground

“You ok?” I said to Hikowa. This must’ve been her first time off the base because she was very scared and every bump caused her to put a tight grip. We rolled across the ground until we came to the top of a precipice. The retracted dish soon came up out of its hanger and began to scan the region

“Man… Eden’s been busy.” Hikowa said as she recorded all the information that the sensor dish was gathering. “That strange vehicle you saw on the camera is stationed just a little ways north of the barrier, seems to be offline though as I read no energy signature’s or activity in or around the vehicle.”

I nodded. “I see…. Ok lets-“ I said before the ground shook violently. I flew off my seat and crashed against the deck, Hikowa also had the same occur to her only it knocked her out. “Hikowa!” I yelled and rushed to her, she was bleeding from the head and I could tell she needed medical attention

The next thing I heard was a bang, and a sudden drop, as if I was falling through the air, but it wasn’t just me, the scout had been blown off the precipice and was now plummeting to the ground below. Thankfully the planet hadn’t been fully transformed, so when we hit the ground it didn’t blow the scout up, although I was bounced around some

I pushed myself up off the deck and looked out the transperisteel window. A contingent of Eden Crack Troops descended on the stricken scout, my hand moved across the panel to the scout’s self destruct key; to my horror the self destruct did not activate, and the next thing I saw was blackness

Several days? Maybe weeks? Or perhaps even months later?[/b]

I don’t know how long I was out of it only that upon waking up I knew I was in the Plymouth mining base, or the colony for that matter. My eyes didn’t want to open, they hurt and felt as if a thousand needles where poking them. After several minutes I could see that the light was finally out of my eyes, and the pain stopped so I could open them

The first thing I saw was the door; I forced myself up off the ground and looked around. “Hmmm.. the stink… the bars… yep.. this is an Eden prison camp.” I had spent time in one before the last evacuation, something I had been trying to forget, I had escape that one by killing the guards and commandeering a prototype fast scout, which we had reverse engineered and applied it’s turbo engine to our own lynx’s and scouts, which was why they began highly more difficult to hit

Glancing to my left I saw the sink and the toilet. It still angered me that they had me do my business in front of them. The door before me wasn’t a real door, but a holographic illusion that was reinforced to look like a door, you couldn’t go out, but they go come in and could see you

A scream could be heard down the hall, I didn’t recognize it, but its scream slowly tempered down to a whine, before the unmistakable sound of a laser pistol being used: One less prisoner to worry about here
The doors changed color and soon faded, in came two guards, and apparently a Lieutenant stationed there. “On your feet you Plymouth worm…” he said in a stern, harsh tone. I just stared at him, not moving, he walked over to me and grabbed me by my collar and lifted me up off the ground. s***, for someone who looked weak, he was indeed strong  

Two guards walked up and grabbed my by my shoulders and forced me out of the cell, we walked for what felt like hour’s before coming to a room, where they forced me into a chair, cuffing my hands behind it to make sure I couldn’t get away. I waited there for another few minutes before someone came in, I couldn’t make them out but the way they moved told me that they had to be some sort of intelligence agent

“What’s your name?” He asked

“Luke Skywalker…” I responded

“Very funny.. whats your name?” his voice rose slightly

“Han Solo…” I responded, although I was saying names from an old earth movie I had found in the ship achieves.

“Look you idiot, you either answer my questions or I can have you executed right here and now!” He said and slammed the palm of his hand down on the table

I rolled my eyes. “If you kill me, you won’t get what I know.”

“Oh? Well. We have… other.. means of making you talk.” He said, obviously this guy has watched one to many old earth movies. He soon got up and left, only to come back a few minutes later with a photo. “You know this person?” he slapped the photo in front of me

Yes… I did indeed know this person. “No.” I lied

“You’re lying, this child was with you in your scout.” He said and stared me straight in the eye. “Now, either you tell me what I want to know, or I can make life very difficult for this child.”

I snarled. “You would be willing hurt an innocent child?”

“A Plymouth child? Damn straight I would, she isn’t an Eden child so she means nothing to me, she’s but another worm that needs to be put in her place.” He said in a voice that made me want to hit him with this chair

We both stared in that room for another couple minutes before the agent finally got up and left, the guards took me back to my cell where I stayed for the rest of the night. A door opened through the holographic barrier and a tray of food was slid into my cell. I looked at it before eating some of it, and taking a sip from the water in the cup, it wasn’t until I saw the bottom of the cup is when I knew this camp had indeed been infiltrated

Don’t let up, you’ll be out of here in a day or two.

Was what I read on the bottom of the cup, it soon faded away, most likely due to the lack of the water that kept it there.

I slept most of the night, although hearing a scream of pain here and there but didn’t faze him much. By the next morning he was ready for another round of interrogation, two guards came in and pushed me out of my cell, we walked toward what appeared to me another room

“Nice to see you.” That agent said and stared at me. “Nice of you to join us,” he gestured for the guards to bring me closer to the window, someone was standing on the far end of the room just below the room I was

Looking out I quickly recognized who it was. “Hikowa!” I said but the guards stopped me, the agent grinned. “I told you she would die if you didn’t say anything.” He said and raised his hand, I looked just in front of the window and a line of soldiers, who loaded there rifles then aimed them at her. “Ready!” he shouted. “Aim!” the soldiers stiffened. “FIRE!”
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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Much thanks for yet another chapter on the reunion.

Loving it :)

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Thats not very nice  :P
another cliff hanger  :lol:  
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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Chapter 14

A shot rang out from below and I turned my head, but the sound from the guy near me told me it wasn't from the soldiers. I heard him gurgling up blood in his throat, opening my eyes I saw several body's on the ground below and two people untying the now unconscious Hikowa, girl must've blacked out when she saw what was coming

"How are you?" I heard a voice behind me and turned around. "Marcus! What the heck are you doing here?"

He shook his head and walked over to me and cut the wraps that where around my wrists, I rubbed my wrist's before grabbing a rifle. "It's a long story; it took us seven months to find you."

"Se-seven months?!" I said in surprise and he nodded. "They must've kept you under or something, either way, Eden has lost control of the blight and it's already infected their primary colony here on Laveron, Plymouths main base, the one we lost contact with, is also dead. The blight over-ran it three months ago, killing everyone except for those that actually had a brain to leave."

I sighed. "What about the mining base?"

"The improvements we made to the lava barriers and blight resistant walls are working very well, the blight hasn't been able to get past them since we put them up a month ago, but it's only a matter or time." Marcus said and gestured to the door. "We need to leave, there's a transport ship docked with the station, we'll blow the station then leave."

"station?" I said in surprise. "I thought I was on a planet."

"Nope, you where on a station, apparently a prison station by the looks of things. They bring people here who are committed of treason and other crimes." Marcus said and we both made out way down the hall. "Where are all the guards?" I said after noticing no guards or anything

"We locked them all up in there quarters; I doubt they'll get out in time." Marcus said and turned the corner, I followed him. After several minutes we made it to the docking bay, two men stood guard there. "Nice to see you again, Kat" one of them said

I nodded. "Just get on board." I said and ran through the airlock and into the shuttle. The two men where about to enter when shots rang out, striking down both men. I snarled and closed the hatch and jumped into the co-pilot seat. "How far are we from Laveron?"

"Not far at all, where just in orbit above the planet." Marcus said and pointed at the transperisteel window. I looked out and saw the planet, and the blueness of the blight. "Where's Eden's fleet?"

"They left a month ago, their on a planet toward the edge of this galaxy, preparations are already in motion and a colony ship was made, but due to the damage Eden caused, we will only be able to go to another planet in this area." Marcus said and punched the thruster key, the shuttle kicked and came to life, then moved out of the docking bay and toward the planet below, behind us the station exploded and came apart, pieces of it falling to the planet below

I heard the door behind us open. "That girl is ok, she just blacked out apparently." someone said

"She's not used to all this like we are." I said and turned back toward the window. "Strap yourself in." our shuttle entered the atmosphere and proceeded downward, a beacon appeared in the atmosphere and we followed them. "Thanks to Eden abandoning the planet, we've been able to set up beacons in the atmosphere to help guide our transfer shuttles to and from the planet." Marcus said and corrected our descent. I smiled when the mining base came into view, our shuttle passed on through the shield barrier and onto the runway, then slowly came to a stop. I wiped my forehead of the sweet that had gathered

"Huston, the eagle has landed." Marcus grinned; I rolled my eyes and got up. "Take Hikowa to the hospital, just to be safe that she wasn't harmed by those barbarians."

The next couple hours where filled with me going between the mining facility and command center, making sure everything was going as planned. Apparently our old commander had stepped down after having nothing but problems, so reluctantly I took up the position and gave several orders. We had managed to fill up the remaining ore transports with what minerals where left and had launched them into orbit to the waiting colony ship near the moon

I watched from the command center as several cargo trucks moved across the ground toward the space center, a few flight variants also moved toward the center and soon deposited there minerals and took off, the cargo trucks made it there after the cargo haulers had made two trips. I went over to the control panel and relayed a new order to the cargo trucks, and rerouted them to carrying minerals to the cargo haulers base of operations, where they picked up the minerals in question

We had spent the next couple of days getting things set up, we had over a hundred and fifty people on the colony ship right now, with only fifty left in the mining base to keep it operational, but had orders to evacuate in the event the blight breached the barriers

"I found a good place to settle down, Laveron II is located close to the sun, but it's got a good amount of geothermal vents for us to use." Said one of the many scientists that had been asked to the command center

"We also found something else out, the planet has a very high concentration of rare and common ores, it also has plenty of lava flows so we can harvest Obsidian." Another scientist said

I nodded. "Very well, let’s get things underway. Tomorrow morning we'll lunch the last shuttle and make our way to Laveron II, get whatever you need and stow it on the shuttle."

Only half these scientist's where leaving, the others where staying behind to help over-see the research and development of more advanced mining systems and also to continue study of the blight

Looking around from them I sighed. "Lets see what Eden does now..."

To be continued[/b]

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I liked it... again!

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oh... that was great :D!

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Constoga 5, Planet Laverdon
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Chapter 15

Two weeks... thats how long we've been in space... it's been two weeks since we left Laveron I, on course for Laveron II, and it's been two weeks of utter hell.

Eden had been waiting for us on the far side of Laveron I's third moon, when we launched Constoga 5 and proceeded toward the next planet they pounced on us, thankfully our technical engineering had come through and they didn't breach any of the decks. It would take another week before we would arrive, but before them I had other things to attend to

Even though we where in space, our scientists still wanted to do some researching, so I let them and was rewarded with new ways of gathering minerals, collecting energy, and two new spiders that would replace the current robominers.

Hikowa, my assistant, has been in the hospital for the past few weeks. She was suffering from some sort of fear that the doctors couldn't understand, I was also told that it would be awhile before she would recover enough to return to work

When we finally arrived in orbit around Laveron II I gazed upon its surface. "Beautiful.." I would say, but didn't realize that those words would come to haunt me five years later.

A hiss pierced the quiet room as the docking bay doors closed and the oxygen was vented from the room, our Seed Lander backed its way out of the cargo bay carrying the first of many builders. We had scanned the planet and found several suitable landing sites. The planet was also covered in a thick cloud of storms, we had discovered that this planet had developed naturally, and already had green vegetation and light thunder storms and showers, even though it had developed naturally and had oxygen; I still made the choice to keep our citizens inside protected buildings... I wasn't about ready to let them roam an unknown planet

Our Lander broke through the cloud cover and proceeded to the first landing site; lightning crossed the bow of the ship and disappeared into the clouds. "Beautiful isn't it?" I said to my co-pilot who nodded. "First time I've seen a stable storm, something not created by Eden's madness"

I smiled and watched as our landing struts’ retracted from the hull of our Lander, our ship slowly descended toward the ground, finally coming to a stop a few minutes later. "Deploy the builder, we'll set up the command center toward the far side of the canyon, after that set up build protocols’ for some EMP and RPG towers, set up a shield projector next to the CC, and some power away from it." I said to the AI, and was rewarded with a "Yes Sir"

We watched as the builder went on to build the command center, it would take a few days, until then we would stay in the Lander.

A couple days would pass; we already had the command center, a few solar collectors, some solar beam arrays, and some residential structures. We had over a hundred colonists that where transferred to the main site. A mining outpost was set up to the north, a military outpost to the south, and two early warning outposts to the South East and North West.

We spent several weeks building up a sizable base there where three ways into this crater, we had covered them all with EMP towers, and spiders. This was a good spot to mine because it had Rare ore and Common Ore, but not the Obsidian ore, which was only available near the volcanic region, we had a base set up there but the convoy would take three days to get here and three days to get back.

The first of many spiminer had been deployed and proved to be doing an excellent job at mining resources. Another spider that we had developed was a scanner, and this spider was operated by the command center. This spider proved to be very useful, because no soon had we finished setting up the base had Eden brought down a squad to set one up, the military outpost had dealt with them swiftly and sent them packing

Eden would try again for the next few months, bringing in more units each time, but failing each time, we had also been setting up base's to the far north and far south

It wasn't until three years where to pass that we noticed something very odd happening. The space around Laveron I, which we could plainly see, was surrounded in a blue color. I had talked with our observation scientists and even they where stumped it was a truly mysterious spectacle. Over the next few months this blue space got larger, and larger, and it was coming toward Laveron II

Not until it was almost too late had we realized that it was the Blight, somehow transformed, perhaps adapted, to operate in space. This was truly terrible and meant that we had another problem on our hands.

When the final alarm came down everyone had rushed to there proper stations, at first we thought Eden had launched yet another attack, but then I remembered: It'd been a good two years since Eden had tried anything and that was mysterious as anything else

We still had communications with our surrogate outpost on Laveron I, and they reported the same strange blue glow in the sky. Although the blight, according to them, had completely covered the planet, their shields where all that kept them alive and those where failing. The last we heard from them was six months ago, and that report was grave, and was estimated that the shield would fall in a year.. perhaps it had fallen a lot sooner than we all expected

When the blight finally reached our planet it had tried to breach the clouds above us, but the clouds where somehow blocking it's advance, that’s when realized it: The clouds where super charged with electron particles, combine that with our solar collectors that where causing a static charge, and you've got a barrier against the blight... but maybe we could turn it into a weapon

I had asked the scientist's about that, they said it was possible to turn the clouds and such into a weapon against the Blight and that it was also possible to further develop the blight into a weapon based off Edens research, but I had denied THAT authorization, we where not murderers, we where not killers, and we sure as hell where not going to profit from Eden's misguided research

So there I was... in the command center... not really alone.. but I felt alone.. "Status?" I said and looked over at a few of the personnel that had the night shift

"100%, all stations are green." The female officer said with a heavy sigh. "I still think we should abandon this place.."

"After three years... our people are tired of running." I said to her and she nodded, albeit, reluctantly. "Permission to speak."

"This isn't the military... you may speak your mind." I said in an annoyed tone. "Well... if we are not going to leave this planet.. how do we plan to survive? The natural barrier here will only last for so long."

"That is true." I said and placed my hand up to my face. "It's strange."


"Why did Eden suddenly stop attacking us two years ago?" I asked myself

The officers looked at each other, one then spoke up. "It's possible the blight got them, or it's possible they abandoned this system to the blight."

It was a logical choice, after all, who would want to live in a system infested with the blight? But that was also an illogical choice, after all, if the blight did manage to adapt to spread in space, that meant that Eden would have to confront it sooner or later anyway, so in a way they where just delaying the evitable. "I think Eden did leave... they probably think we are dead anyway."

The officer was about to respond when we all heard a massive bang and stared out the windows of the command center, the advanced laboratory that was located on the farthest end of the base had just exploded


whirled the AI, a second later four anti-blight devices that we had installed exploded, and suddenly the blight stopped, we had used these devices in the past and the blight rarely stopped for more than a few seconds, but in this case, it stopped completely and soon died out


The AI's tone sounded rather... I don't know... curious.. confused perhaps?

"How many dead?"

"21 scientists, but before the lab exploded one scientist managed to transmit their research." The officer said and sent it to me; I nodded, and then grinned. "Excellent! EXCELLENT!" I said and forwarded it to her. "Make it happen." I said and the officer nodded and left the command center

"So... those brain boys finally found a way to combat the blight, I will not let there deaths be in vain..." I said with collapsed hands and a new resolve, it was time to take the fight against the blight, and show it how it felt to be exterminated

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Now, now... This is getting interesting, seems like the found anti-blight weaponry, and effective ones at that, huh? Well, keep going my lass

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I enjoyed, again.

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State of the story?

This is the ending of the first installment =)

The second installment will take place fifteen years later (after the blight has spread through most of the galaxy, leaving Plymouth stranded on a planet that for some reason has a barrier against the blight)

Same characters will be returning, including a few new ones

Lenni - A technical sergeant part of the Plymouth Military
Phaed - Sergeants wife, but also a very good woman to be around, doesn't always hide her 'assets' though when in public (around her children she does, but at work and such, nope)

Anyway, the second installment will be posted once I wake up (it's 11:48 pm here) so expect the second installment tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then I promise to get it out sometime within the next week or so =)

I appriciate the comments, this is the only forum where people have actually liked my stories =)

I hope the second one is equally, if not better, than the first  (thumbsup)

Edit: why a two month delay in replying? I've had no internet for most of April, and once I got it back I had to do a lot of reconfiguring of my router... either way.. Cox better not mess up a third time or else I'm going postal on them..

But another reason is because I wanted to keep you people guessing  :lol:  
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Man, that novella is good. Better saying, pure gold. Good thing I found it here.
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