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Important: Submitting Code for SDK Inclusion
« on: December 08, 2004, 02:48:02 PM »
The OP2 SDK project is really starting to become a little messy. Partly because, people submit pieces of code (specifically changes/additions to the SDK) all over the place and no one knows what are the trusted, common names for things in the header file.

Thus, I am issuing this:

ANY and all changes or additions that you come up with or discover MUST be submitted to me or Hooman first. DO NOT post them directly onto the forum. (We will post changes as needed, and release new SDK's as necessary)

(This applies to anything changed within Outpost2DLL.h of the SDK files. This does NOT apply to custom procedures that use the SDK to do things, such as the various base setup functions that Haxtor has contributed, things like that).

If there are 'unapproved' additions being posted, I will close the topic and consider deleting the post. Please submit things you want changed to us first, we will modify and release a new SDK.

Of course, you are welcome to use your findings in your projects, and share them via IRC or PM's. But please don't post any new additions or changes to the SDK to the forums, as they will be deleted.

To submit things for approval, PM me or Hooman with the changes.

(The reason we do this is for compatibility. If symbols start to get changed, people will have a lot of incompatible DLL's when the next SDK is released. So you need to submit changes to us so we can assure compatibility with all versions of the SDK.)

Thanks for your cooperation.
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