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Outpost 3: Reboot
« on: October 24, 2004, 08:53:35 PM »
Outpost 3 : Reboot
                          A mission to the past has gone terribly wrong...

Basically, the Blight has become self aware once Savants Kraft and Frost joined the new "Link" of Savants. It formed the Blight Dominion which builds it's own starships and begins to attack The Empire of Eden and The Republic of Plymouth. After almost 60 years of war, the Blight Dominion looks as if it might win. Eden and Plymouth form the New Haven alliance. They develop a very fast and effective Anti-blight agent, which turns the tables on the Blight. But the Blight's Savant Link allow it to develop a mechanical suit to protect it. No longer will the blight infect a planet like it did on New Terra. Now it has to go to war. After 30 more years of war, New Terra (which New Haven conquered and made their capitol world) is the last planet New Haven has. In desperation, they use their "Plan B", a Time-Ship that will prevent the blight's creation. When the ship opens a time 'wormhole', a blight ship follows, changing the way history will remember "Divided Destiny" forever...

I am working on a Intro AVI for the Title Screen of this new game. If anyone would like to help, it is welcome.

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