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Digital Ocean Currents Developer Survey
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:17:38 AM »
Came across an interesting developer server, largely related to cloud computing:
Digital Ocean Currents

Seems the largest percentage of developers in that sphere spend the majority of their time using Linux, despite Linux desktop use being about 3% for a more general audience. The stats are 39% Linux, 36% MacOS, 23% Windows, 2% Other.

Nginx seems to be preferred over Apache. I think I can see why. Its architecture is designed to handle higher loads with fewer resources.

Docker use has grown really large.

GitHub is the preferred place to store code.

Most people surveyed (79%) code both professionally, and as a hobby.

The preferred way to learn about new technologies is through online tutorials (52%), followed by official documentation (28%), books (7%), online-forums (6%), and friends/co-workers (3%).

Maybe we need some more online tutorials around here.  :P