Author Topic: Making the Pre-Release Eden Demo Winnable by moding the tech file  (Read 1258 times)

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In Outpost 2, the Eden Pre-Release Demo listed within the colony games is not beatable. The player cannot build Tokamaks among other issues. I modified dtek_e.txt to allow building the required items to evacuate the colony. You can find it attached. There are 2 different ways to collect the requirements needed to win. You have to be fast to win, but there is a little wiggle room.

Place this file in the root directory of your Outpost 2 install, which should patch the scenario. At least on my computer, Outpost 2 will pull a loose tech file over one stored in a vol file.

However, if you want to 'do it right', use the Outpost 2 map editor to delete the old tech file from maps01.vol and then add this new file to the vol. I probably spent 30 minutes fiddling with the Mapper to fix the vol files, so avoid the mistakes I made by heeding the notes below. :)

Note: With Mapper 2.2.1, attempting to save additional files to a vol file Outpost 2 is currently using, will cause the mapper to crash.

Note: Mapper 2.2.1 does not list files contained in a vol in alphabetical order, but instead in the order they are added. New files will be placed at the bottom of the vol file index.