Author Topic: Vol Extractor (Reader) Program Troubleshooting  (Read 950 times)

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Vol Extractor (Reader) Program Troubleshooting
« on: December 19, 2015, 02:21:17 AM »
The Vol Extractor (Reader) program can pull written content out of Outpost 2 like the mission briefings, tech files, novellas, credits, etc. See this forum posting,1834.msg34280.html#msg34280 for more details.

It can be downloaded from here:

When trying to run the Vol Extractor, if you get the following error:

Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Follow the instructions below to get it working. These instructions assume Windows 7/64 BIT operating system and will have to be modified for other operating systems.

Step 1
Download the file comdlg32.ocx from a source you trust. This file is considered obsolete and no longer being distributed with the Windows operating system.

Step 2
Place the file in the appropriate windows registry folder. For Windows 7/64 BIT, navigate to:  C://Windows/SysWOW64. (Assumes C drive is your primary operating system drive.)

For 32 BIT copies of Windows 7 or other versions of Windows, you may have to place the file in a different folder.

Run the Windows Command Prompt using system admin privileges. To do this, right click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

Inside the command prompt, type or paste the command required to register the file comdlg32.ocx. For Windows 7 x64, use the following command: 

regsvr32 %Systemroot%\SysWOW64\comdlg32.ocx

You will have to adjust the command for your operating system if not using Windows 7 64 bit.

Note: I have not done any research into side effects of registering this file such as opening security holes on your computer, etc. So use this at your own risk.

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Re: Vol Extractor (Reader) Program Troubleshooting
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2015, 12:25:15 AM »
If anyone is looking for the missing dependency files and wants a easy place to find them, they can be located in the mapper runtime files download off the OPU Home page.

Outpost 2 Mapper runtime files Download Page
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